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Young Wiz - Father's Heart
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
First it was Mel in da club hit with a shell
Now his moms and pops is like Lord, where did we fail?
Tony, Ramano, and Shawn ballin too fast
They hit a curb, car done crashed
Not they moms is in da streets takin a blast
Because they passed away
Certian things will happen in your life to make you pray
Live better for your seed, so they can breath today
You ain't perfect, get it right and it's okay
We was born messed up no lie confess up
He knows your situation's a struggle but guess what
you aint gotta be like that so rest up
He sent His Son to shed the blood
Live, thats what
After the foundation we was apart, one man didn't do right from start
Unseen forces throwin' darts got your head spinnin' like a go cart
But don't give up why, 'cuz you on the Father's heart

Don't give up 'cuz you are on the Father's heart
Don't give up 'cuz you are on the Father's heart
Don't give up 'cuz you are on the Father's heart
Yes you are
Don't give up 'cuz you are on the Father's heart
You are on His heart

Verse 2
Things ain't the same no more
Parents they don't cry out to the Lord, they don't get on they knees
That's why we havin' abortions, they on the streets paying for extortions
Livin' a lie, dyin' for the fortune, the Fathers heart remorsing for the dead
But there's hope for the livin' release the Son in the earth
For the given for the death in the grave, He paid the way
No longer living as slaves that's why we watch and pray
In these end times I hope these rhymes they bless your mind
Get that peace so you can live fine
We ain't promised tomorrow, recieve the one living in horror
Before it gets better it has to be plenty of sorrow
Let's come together instead of being apart
Let's shine some light in the midst of the dark
And the words that I say, if you hear 'em clearly
They comin' from the Fathers heart, please feel me


Verse 3
God bless all people in nations, 'cuz we was all made in His creation
But we faced with deadly situations, that's killing this worlds population
It's an unseen war, babies being torn, Don't know what they here for,
But my Fathers gonna settle the score
And thats the truth, not just facts I promise you He said that
Got you covered like plaque hold on be strong aint no turning back
Time is moving quicker sayin put the crack down my young dealers
Confused thoughts tryin to trick you, stay focused, cuz the end is nearer
Hear it clear like a dogs loud bark separating the fishes from the sharks
Revealing secrets like an unseen narc I know you hear me, feel me
And yeah, it's comin' from the Fathers heart.