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Antitoxin - Electric Boogie

I Sample my mindstate into vocabulary
loop Christ inspired thoughts to visionary
broke the cycle of synchronizing lies
Examin the bible and I rise to be wise
future facts no fake virtual reality
Eye D A truthfull mic missionary
Audio Digital Digable like DAT
sometimes I'm slipping like matts
My Corrector God backues those factors
I Go on reenergized; he's my adaptor
Lyrical treasures like carts I'm ridge
I spot Nu marks to vitalize and itch
attention of mindmixers whose belt drives
to know Christ I break beats down to change lives
like Telex some are copyette duplicators
but we are creative mind communicators
16-bit sound construction no noise reduction
level indicator; God giving me function
brings balance in my semi-automatic trains
of thought through Holy Ghost mindframes
(actual facts, Jeru)
I print out actual facts from my vocal fax
communicating through lyrical point index
to questions God is answeringmachinery
the bass reanimates you tru shocktherapy
I paint portrets of thought caught in braincells
airwaves wherein now my articulation dwells
Unidentified flowing objects entering earth
launched to show love and it's worth
sounds that leave LED meters blasted
left and right the ceremony is mastered
I never cast the first stone on the microphone
But my house is builded on Petra or Corner Stone
reload through rhyming, pen lites my dome
prospone with super high torgue tones
scratch features, our subjects switchable
non compatable rhymelines expandable
fasten your seats for this flight through beats
and rhymes enough feedback for your needs
constructing portable handles as truth faces
on heavy duty like aluminum flight cases