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Young Wiz - Like This
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
If you knew what I knew you would do what I do
Gettin' pimped, tellin' lies you and your whole crew
I'm a see you soon, bust your head with the truth like a baloon
Shinin' like the moon in the darkness,
My heart gets raw y'all when I spark this
Reachin' every thug, kid, yo duke, that's heartless
Regardless of the situas, death is what you face, better switch the jers like Mase
Replace your lyrics, played out like old gimics
I send this to every rap critic, got 'em in da dope block so you can hear it
We erge you to listen, the Lord's my witness
Thuggin' every day repetitious, Vultures smokin' blunts lookin' vicious
Underground set up it ain't gonna let up
To all the kids in the streets keep your head up
Hold it down without the fo pound, come on now its on now

We gon' keep it flowin' like dis, blowin' like dis
We gon' keep it raw y'all c'mon y'all it's on y'all
We gon' keep it flowin like dis blowin' like dis
We gon' keep it for all y'all c'mon y'all its on y'all

Verse 2
Pave the way yo, we takin' the air waves
More than one like lay's this track is better than Dre's
That's why I crave for newness we stayin' true in this
Unpredictable like swordfish, drop the cris, matter fact poke in your lips
Record lables dismissed that's why we givin' you tips
benefitial and necessary 'cuz the rap fame is gettin' scary
plus the dope game they gettin' burried I spit the truth not no hail Marys
Gotta ride this beat like a long ferry, y'all think it's sweet like a strawberry
Tarry along to something different, brand new, straight out the belly y'all like an infant
holdin' back on no one, so you think I'm trippin'
Gotta make you feel this, so you can listen


Verse 3
Now we gon' keep this poppin' off real
Makin a mill, you fake snakes peepin' our skills
Tryin' to make a move but your only 20 cent
Hangin' in the 'hood 'cuz you can't pay the rent
In your benz flyin' thru tha 'hood like you Clark Kent
(Super Thug)
You can only play yourself ,'cuz your game's all spent
Girls and bank rolls that's, all a brother knows
Clothes and weak flows, gettin' played like bingo
We gon' keep it poppin' and lockin' like kangols
We gon' keep it hoppin' and droppin' like hydros
You don't think no one can see you but I know
Blowin' like the windy-full city Chicago
Studio thug and im about to pull your plug
See you on the block and I'm a hit you with a slug
With the truth for the youth and you gon' be like playa what
We gon' keep this, show me love