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Young Wiz - One Way
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
There was no sisters and bros, it was just me and my cuz
Now we was fiendin' for love that's just the way that it was
How it is on da block with no more cops than pops
dat's why we dyin' on the streets and they want us to stop
So many times I was ready for my life to end,
No friends, plus beaten by my mom's boyfriend
Now how do you figure, see I'm a pay him back when I'm bigger,
Plenty of dreams of me or him squeezin' da trigger
Then L.G. snatched me up, now tell me where would I be
Probably out here blazin' trees or lyin' dead in the street
People lookin' at me kid like I'm strange,
They never understood it's a generational thing
My momma's side alcohol, and my pop's cocaine,
I'm caught up in the middle 'bout to lose my brain
And I remember 18, it was me and my cuz,
I saw my pops face to face, he didn't know who I was

I used to smoke to take the pain away when I was sad
Gettin' loose up off the tangeray just like my dad
Trippin' off the better thangs yo I never had
But I'm learnin' to live my life right, my moms glad (2X)

Verse 2
Auntie Ann, Quantella, I miss y'all man, lil' Lavon, Uncle Marlo,
What's the verdict, what's the game plan, down south is where I ran
I know you heard it livin' better to survive in the land where they twerk it
Droppin' da frame of mind, VA city do dat crime
Rob a shortie quick dawg, just to get that shine
County brothas in da mix, chicks be mackin', they still be tricks
Barber shops, slick dudes needin' a fix, quit da petty hustle
Disfunction in da struggle, but da city life make you wanna bubble
See ya in 6 years, of course I miss, so I drop a tear, I miss my man
But my plan is to make it, trials I go thru, but I gotta shake it
We only got one life so I can't waste it


Verse 3
Everybody lookin' for dat route
Blessed in these last days, though it's hard to shout
Keep it real, one way comin' out my mouth
Changin' bangers and thugs is what I'm all about
Screamin' in my dreams, 'cuz I'm seein' visions
Twisted lyrics in da streets, they don't wanna listen
Betcha you da reason, they trapped in prison
Preachin' da truth, greatest commission
That's why I'm spittin' to these prostitutes
Next generation is da youth, showin' proof in da studio
Killin' us with your video, though I love ya bro, ya gotta go
With that nonsense, death is the concequence bringin' life to the conscience
We all lookin' for better days, but there's only one way, so I pray
We all lookin' for better days, but there's only one way, so I pray