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Young Wiz - Shoot 'Em Up
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
1, 2, on da come up, rappin' for da Son up
Come up you get done up, with the knowlege that i spit from my lip
While you loadin' yo clip, you want more, I got more you can get
It's da W.I.S.E. U.P. hearin' me, double A, you feelin' me
Flowin' 'bout da Trinity, My rap is da epidemy
Gon' shake da whole industry, until you playas feelin' me
B.L. double E.D. tha block, you know you need to stop
From all the keys you cop, I know you think you hot,
You playas bout to drop, we pushin' weight and it ain't the Roc
Now i ain't never seen a playa that could beat these streets
And I ain't never seen a hot boy that could take this heat
From the shells that they fell, now they wraped in sheets
And they gone like the tears when momma wipe they cheek

To tha brothas on tha East Coast y'all we can
Shoot 'em up
To all tha G's on tha West we can
Shoot 'em up
To all tha playas in tha Dirty Dirty,
Shoot 'em up
C'mon playa what you scared or what
Take it back to tha courts now y'all we can
Shoot 'em up
Take it back to tha block we can
Shoot 'em up
Take it back to tha 'hood we can
Shoot 'em up
C'mon playa what you scared or what

Verse 2
I equip the streets, laced with a tight beat
Rollin' down these concreates, these days it ain't sweet
They thuggin' out there, got mad fear, the industry crystal clear
Hold up, check yourself, the end is near
Everywhere I go, shorties ballin' out of control
Ready to reload and dump on a soul
Yo get it right, you blazin' in da wrong fight
Promotin' da Nik's, thinkin' that you all tight


Verse 3
Listen shortie, I got game time
Watch how I play my game
Believe me 'cuz I ain't no lame
I'm a kill 'em all day from a 3 point range
I'm a spot em 6 points but it's still my game
Ain't got no time for da nine's , take it back to da rhymes
Take it back to da court, you go for yours, I'll go for mine
When it comes to half time, no mercy
I'm a have 'em sprintin' down da block like they Jackie Joyner Kersey