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Young Wiz - This Generation
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
It all started when she wouldn't listen
Decieved in her mind now she really wishin'
Plus her man wasn't payin' attention
Convicted in her heart, now they crenchen'
Did I mention, they had a choice,
But yielded to the wrong voice
Feelin' dizzy with no poise,
Mercy granted, so they rejoice
Two sons comin' up, one hard headed
Wanna buck againts the grain, no luck
Killed his brother, forever struck with a curse
Livin' in darkness, know his kids is heartless
Thinkin' why did i start this, feelin' kinda smartless
This is the price you pay homeboy, regardless

Look how they livin' in dis game
Look how they dressin', it's a shame
So much stress, feelin' da pain
Who can you blame, in this generation (2X)

Verse 2
Power to give life, for attention you paid the price
Tossed around like parade rice, this world ain't nice
Dominated by fatherless seeds
Intoxicated by the money and greed
Ladies love the X, plus thugs love da weed
It don't last forever, so take heed you beautiful queen
These days are mothers are 15, lookin' for love they dream
By a man they fiend, comin' from a broken home
Rasin' a seed all alone, its sad 'cuz shes on her own
Didn't wanna be grown, I feel your pain, here's an umbrella when it rain
Baby daddy gone, don't wanna take da blame


Verse 3
Livin' day to day, this generation don't play
Nonsense is what they crave
Da world can't understand what they made
Dreams never had none, bustin' guns on one just to have fun
Track stars on da run, get out of prison, lost like a bum
Future lookin' fatal, babies on da street never seen a cradle
Out of control population dats da lable
Same hatred like Cain and Abel
Can't blame da president of these ghetto residents
It's been the same since da pastence, so is it realy irrelevent
Look at the confused man, it's more than just the gin
That cause the evil grin