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Young Wiz - Will You Ever Learn
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
It was me and my granny, playin' hard from the deck that they hand me
And ain't no peace in my household, my uncle pissy drunk drinkin' old gold
Comin' in bustin' out windows, fallin' out out cold
And wakin' up like he don't know
Memories got me on my knees, wanna throw blows
And just a victim of this old man, survivin' in this cold land
Really need a game plan, losin' like the hangman
Roam the streets so don't play me close,
So get your pens and your pads and start to take these notes
'Cuz when they burn with the flames you be lookin' like toast
Got you screamin' and you shakin' like you seein' a ghost
Now is it Heaven or Hell, can't nobody really tell
But the gangstas on the streets, seems to know you well
Never say no bad things when you passin' away
But the question of the day is will you ever learn

Will you ever learn, tell me will you ever learn
Will you ever learn, tell me will you ever learn
Will you ever learn, tell me will you ever learn
Will you ever learn.(2X)

Verse 2
Let me tell you how it is when you rep' yo' 'hood
Iced up with your tims, I know you love yo' 'hood
Got yo 45 brothers wanna lock yo 'hood
Pushin' dope on da block, showin' up yo' hood
Now you rollin' on yo' 22's in yo' H2
Comin' round da corner bumpin' sounds with yo' crew
Now da shorties want da same old thang, they wanna hang
But you really need to stay away from da game
And they up in da streets, lookin' sweet, with yo' peeps
Until it's yo' body that's wraped in da sheets
At da funeral, and don't nobody know
And they cryin' to da Lord, wonder why they had to go
The preacher in da church said it was just your turn
But like the old folks used to say, will you ever learn


Verse 3
At night I couldn't see nothin'
In da crib with no lights on, I ain't frontin'
Belly achin', starvation, let me get somethin'
Takin' a bath in ditch water, man, you think I'm bluffin'
How it is in the County life, house to quiet to start some strife
My only choice was to sacrifice, and my favorite weapon was a butcher knife
Playin' in da back only 4 yeard old, life is hard
Pop's son, seen my heart I guard
Walkin' down da street, didn't have no car
Makin' money by bein' a thief, survivin' in these poor streets
Puttin' food in da belly was a treat
Switch it up, doin' right to earn, concentrated in da Word
My mind is firm, when I speak hearts get turned
And my mom probably sit back and think, that crazy boy
Did he ever learn