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Tunnel Rats - Intro – Underground Rise
(from the album Underground Rise)

Sometimes the eyes opened widest are the blindest to the signs of the times
And what the future’s about
You need to close your eyes and turn your sights inside out
See what’s within and not what’s without a doubt
Life sprouts from the underground scene
Seeds of the unseen deep beneath the cemented earth
Give birth to words never heard and music that bleeds
Of unified minds and hearts that shine the same light
Climb the same heights toward the mountaintop
We all got the same type of love for hip hop. As above, so below,
Higher vision never stops, from east coast to west coast
We connect the dots and drop heat rocks
Cause the clock to pause its tick-
Talking ‘bout the spiritual and shocking you with miracles
Cuz we livin’ God’s will without question or limit
Producing the illest music that abuses the statutes of physics
Isn’t it amazing how we stay playing the game our way?
Plans and prayers making layers of waves washing away the mundane
Walking the way of unity and peace throughout the city streets and 20 feet underground
Rising with a sound oh-so-sweet, make you weep with the beauty of the vision we seek.
Do you believe only what you see?
Or what your soul knows when you close your eyes
And go deep inside?
Ain’t no ego or pride, yo, we’re united for the prize.
It’s time to shine, ya’ll – Underground Rise!