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Tunnel Rats - Kick Kick
(from the album Underground Rise)

Hook- LMNO
All those red tops evil thoughts people shop playing out the plot/
Prejudice seeds of lust raise in the garden of dust a yo we must/
The door down with the lion of Judah taking the crown Weíre Zion bound/
Back before you react get all the facts knowing Godís people weíre under attack/
Every border every sort of division dismissing mans laws with Jahís permission/
I rap to heal the hurt insert the slug our hip hop stays alert/

Whatever happened to it, it seems that time passin quicker
The flame on the truth is only a flicker
And the heart is thinner, starviní the beginner
While the population is thicker, itís hard to find a winner
The game you seek .. nameís identified
Is someone who resembles what it used to be like
But now they bitter
Swinginí for the stars with the weight of the world on the shoulder
Just call Ďem a heavy hitter
Livin in the litter, lÖ trash picker
Only cuz they dumped off everyone who doesnít fit the mold
Defined by records sold instead of the road they travel
Just to get the picture
Well Iím goní change that,
Rearrange that, Iím goní stay that real rapper, real cat Iím goní stay that real rapper, real cat
Dax Ė remember the name, the first Tunnel Rat
Cominí forward and Iím takiní it back.


Well Iím knowiní since itís going down/
Growiní upís an obstacle, to stop would be an optical illusion
Since Iím moviní every millisecond when we wreck the treasury itís secondary
Less of me will be worse when our destiny is first in line
In mind, body, spirit with the lyrics, feariní one individual
Because when I speak you hear it, steeriní your fortune in a way I can feel it
About to clear it, it ainít bogus in a lotus
Kick Kick

Right foot itís real high
Contact with a mean olí habit
Beat it to a pulp indescribable dammit
Round house to the brain - capoeira
Heads need to be helmeted when the boom kicks mobilizing bliss
Pick up mics for a quick fix to get my licks
A lit box of champa canít disguise the scent of burning flesh
And I donít want no dalai lama dying for peace and honor
Telliní me to serve until my last breath


now what'll you put up with? huh? what will you put down?
i'll put it in until it puts out, and i gots ta put my foot down
on this hokey pokey ohkeedohke, no dough
handin out promos to heads who don't go to no shows.
tell the truth behind my back and then, lie in person
then tell me to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
but we gon see you. you aint foolin no one in here.
& you'll see, when Tunnel Rats burrow a hole in your ear.

And you swear you know what rap is, tryiní to act like black kids
You at the far side of life so hereís some fat lip
So instead of something new you gave a second hand
You think youíre rippiní on mics but you rippiní off your fans
I took your red planet and blew it out the system
Say you met God but it sounds like you missed him
So keep flappiní your wings while I soar under grace
Sev Statik is the man whoís keepiní the pace