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Tunnel Rats - Suffocation
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright B, Arriaga, E. Lopez, A. Olguin

The pressure is risin
Itís Getting harder for your chest to flex
Iím your situation complex I wanna test your contents
Can you feel it? I can
Yeah youíre struggling
Wonderin f the taste of oxegen will ever come again
Relief comes wih release with speech comes peace
Youíve learned this each and every time youíve felt my squeeze
Life just a lease and I taught you that lesson
With torture I teach now turn and preach life as a blessin
Iím stressin the question
We both know the reason
In your season what you believe in controls how youíre leavin
And in the end if I win? You do stop breathin
You got a life of paradise itís seemin like weíre even
So why the prayers for my grip to slip?
Iím just predicaments
The opposite of bliss
Custom fit to conflict with kids
And if you live then I aint handle my biz
But I expect my next move to stop the flex of your ribs

Take a deep breath you got one left
If you, abuse it you might lose it
Betta take a deep breath you got one left
If you cant breathe then you betta believe (X4)

Verse 2 Drastik
its hopeless to handle this or remotely cope with this advance evangelist vocalist you can quote this while I breath flavor like coco crisp, leave MC's in comatoses suffering convulsions like cockroaches sprayed with overdoses of raid you sword play is atrocious, trying to battle the ferrous with no skill you best chill an load this in your remote disc change, on CD we be danger to any stranger who approaches, verbal explosives turn the sky red like roses you realize your insides are corrosive, as the end time approaches I wasn't the one who chose this it chose me, I wrote this for the oppressed and lonely and he who poses to be holy when your hopeless you don't know me but I know you trader like Vader did ka-no-be and I hold you accountable, sound surround pound threw your crew and any one else down with you.

Verse 3 Jurny big
My game came in the pocket so rock it never was the question
could set it since i heard 9 mili and figured word
thats really my life forget the fashion and the looks
I'm mashin with information that i obtained from books
i had to read to write and had to quench my need for mics
otherwise I'd still be deep in stealin parts for bikes
now instead of spokes and wheels I spoke the real deal
and my pen still sends enough to conjure up a meal
by givin yall descriptions and definitions of wisdom
while yall style still caught on listen up
I figure whats to stop me from voicin my opinion no man
thus i bust and hold dominion over your land
my chest inhale and expand so who the next man
or handful of cats to get waxed it's been planned
since i sat and felt the breeze under shadow oak park trees
suffocatin off God given talent upon me