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S.F.C. - Skanewpid
(from the album Phase III)

Woke up this morning
With sleep in my eyes
Walked outside
With sleep
In my eye
Wipin' sleep out my eyes
While I take out the trash
Took out the trash
And stepped in the grass
Lookin' at the grass
'Cause I stopped in the grass
Watchin' cars drive pass
Awe man
There's no
Smog in the sky
Never knew
It was so blue, never knew
It was so high
Here comes
A gang of birds
Flyin' by, birds flyin' by
Man what just
Hit me in the eye
A taskit
A tisket
I just bought a
Pet bisquit
I thought I'd
Name him Wiskit
Yeah Wiskit
The pet bisquit
He was about
A big fat buttermilk
With 2 strong hind legs
I taught Wiskit how
To roll over, sick, jump
& beg
One weekend mourning
His dead came real
I would have
Never took him
For a stroll
If I knew that truck
Was going to hit
That puddle
Is the ceiling
Staring at me
Does it find me appealing
Like Arenso
I go "humm"
As I walk
Trough the hall
I hear a sound
I think it's thunder
Like Stevie
I begon to wonder
Does Eddie have a murphy?
Is James brown?
Is Barry white?
Is Al green?
Is Don king?
Is Sylvester blue?
Does Laverne trip?
What happened to
Captain and Tenille?
And did they
Have a ship?
Oh, I don't know
So I called Joey
My tailor
He's home alone
But once again
Joe won't pick up the phone
Joe won't pick up the phone
Joe won't pick up the phone
I scream into his answering machine, I'm hungry
I hung it up hungry
But Greg ate the manwich
So I guess
I'll have a syrup sandwich