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Tunnel Rats - The Knack
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright J. Petty, J. Velez, E. Lopez

Verse 1 Propaganda
Well itís the most open minded,
Take it back rewind it.
Search and ancient text to find a truer bottom line its
Switched to different language,
Then masteriní the slang
Spit phrase to give praise to born, died and raised
Youíre losiní your crew wishin a brusin at your choosiní
Jah gave us favor and flavor at crowd moviní
Still rhyme wití open hands in real time Iím here
Turn off the Internet to here some live intellect.
The underground ainít there no more, still they ask me where is your
Loyalty in realness or fake but bro wait
Before your mouth dispelliní
Know what you tellin
Cuz undergroundís a mind frame and now-a- days itís sellin
The real never change what they came to say and do
But yal call um fake when they try to feed their crew
Their own sons and daughters are starviní at your will
Cuz if they sell to much you say they ainít keepiní it real?

We found the Knack
And the meaning of being a tunnel rat so
I know my position vision is clear
To everybody here if you too can see then say me (me) We (we)

Verse 2 Griffin
Grab the notepad drag a verse out of my dome
Lock it in a cage sentenced to a life with out home
Make my thoughts known with every stroke depicting my pain/
and let not the glitter of pop determine my game/
Iím fresh cause I say, not cause the zeros that come with my pay/
Griff has (ever since this culture took hold of my brain)/
Stood in the shadows, with the rest of the ones in exile/
Focusing on the roots and development of the best styles/
Feet planted in deep standing for strong delivery/
Shifting my aim to those whoíre opposing my peopleís liberty/
what now, your whole crew fronted until they met me/
Slept until the this son crept slowly but evidently/
this under ground brotha wit anger ragin for changing/
wonít compromise the ground laid only to build a nation/
weíll free ya mind humble the mumbling nemesis/
play the wall till them cornballs exit the premises


Verse 3 Drastik
Aint nuttin new to me, step with my nines every time and opportunity I get, keep a new breed cassette in the deck cuz only true MC move me with inner che energy like Bruce lee, my rep is to brutally reck, cute MC that steps,
they usually get swept in sets of two or three,
excuse me while i let empty my Uzi on the enemy's kingdom, every MC screaming for freedom like chewi, in the movie moving at light speed don't lose me only trues be inscribed in my loose sleeve note book, cousin no hook
just spillage, Boston the village I pillage with three other horse men chilling on Washington Ave, I'm washed in the blood bath of the lamb you know not who i am, dras t.i.c. son of the one true living