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Tunnel Rats - One Voice
(from the album Underground Rise)

Before I left this game what I wanted most of all
Was a unified push towards the finish line
Most said it wouldnít happen
These two crews couldnít combine
Got too much love for this rap and check your clock
We on time
Flynn (Flynn Atklins)
Everything is principle the rest is secondary
The of the flesh I guess its well prepared me
Extreme ups and downs-permanent and momentary
Moments like this they so legendary

Voices that sing scattering languages of a different tongue
Different drum but weíre saying the same thing
Unison three parts in harmony that sound like one

I came with out a spotlight for shine/
I rode the rhythm with words my life living/
Got inner vision from light Divine/
This Mic keeping my integrity leveled toward the heavenlies

One voice one rhyme
One place in time where we all come to shine
This, light divine
This is more than your everyday informal rhyme session
We are mind meshiní (x2)

Sharlok Poems (Sharron Brooks)
A poet born not made, this is not my decision
Do nothiní out of habit so I have no religion
All fact no fiction, Rats and Symph got tunnel vision,
Some say silence is the sweetest sound, listen

Goin through the changes,
Cusz blood carry moí weight then flesh
In fact that same thought made the mega crews mesh
Gave the same effect of quakes that soul shake
Donít sow youí discord them seeds donít hold weight

Cook Book (Jason Soto)
Defeat the beat with intricate, intimate unlimited uninhibited
Text to flex and mess Significant
The symphony is limitless 8 dudes whose runniní rap,
You tryiní to be hard the Tunnel Rats already done all that

Joey The Jerk (Sarpong Boateng)
Confident and concerned Iíve learned to earn
Every nickel I burn
Stay respectable yet squirm
In my 4 bar turn, collab with crews that still yearn
To be more than germs Joey the jerk in this world I
Bring it strong and stern

Itís the hands across Hysteria
The chain that links tha LA area
For sure the more in the war the merrier
Now thatís twice as many boots
Twice as many troops
Twice as many boots
Twice as much loot
When the call goes for all
Twice as many move


Now its that sista that will get every time I enter the picture
Never let ya get too far in your walkman or your car
Youíre locked behind my bars
Trz are your one call
For music that will free ya from corner to coliseums

Uno Mas (Rene Palma)
Gave up my childhood dreams for all this passion and pain
And some things donít go away with so much to gain
And itís a game I move
And its wrong you loose
So we choose to unify just to show and prove

The most irritating thing is 80 rappers on one track and ones wack
and I'm glad it's probably me
watch me if we ever do a show together JurnyBig will not be there
I don't know I don't care

J-Beits (Jason Greenhill)
I like being friendly and cuddling with people
And drink juice on the Spruce Goose, Queen Mary,
I never knew who she was but if I did Iím sure she would say cus.

Itís a shame how these clowns try and get down when the ground has risen/
Iím livin up to the hype/
What you thinking when you write?/
It ainít tight it ainít dope it ainít fresh/
Symphony and the Rats had to connect.

B-Twice (Bernardo Bordes)
I stoke it nice for you and myself when I get in it
Stain sheets, like, every time I come wití it
Clock thief take(in) my time more than a minute
Skills infinite, my pen stokes wití no limit


Pigeon John (John Dust)
Ok now wait wait, now what about me/
The black sheep/
The incredible freak/
Peak underneath the sleek x-model sheek/
A peak is all you need to see, to know that Iím a G/
Iím so sexy Ė the girls cant be wrong/
Why they get hype when its my part of the song/
Like go pigeon go pigeon Go/
The unfadable edible king of disco/