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Tunnel Rats - Devil’s Advocate
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright 2002, Sekou Andrews, Sanitarium Music, BMI

So I’m sitting having this argument with my man the Lord of Lords,
And I’m like, “I copped your book, and got some questions I can’t ignore,
“ First of all, why you gotta treat me the cruelest? Why you gotta do this?
“ Acting surprised when I stumble going through this . . . when you already knew this!”
He said, “First of all, why you think weightlifters continue to add more weight?
“ How you expect to get stronger for great things. When you running from your fate?”
“ Alright fine. But how about this? Where’s the proof that you exist?
“ Now don’t get ticked – I’m just saying the devil is all up the mix;
“ Babylon is sick – and I’m starting to believe what’s scientific!”
He said, “Science?! Who you think is the original scientist?
“ Who you think taught the atom to split? Who’s the surgeon that pulled the cancer
“ Out of your moms when she was sick? Who keeps you strong when you’re gonna quit?
“ That truck that almost hit you? Who you think whispered to you to move from in front of that?
“ Who you think is blessing you with these hot raps over tracks by Tunnel Rats?
“ Boy, I outta . . . look at you – got me worked up arguing with a man . . .”
I said, “Alright, hold up God – I’m just trying to understand,
“ For example, something else I don’t get – omnipotence?
“ How you talking to me, and still helping somebody overseas out their predicament?”
He said, “It’s not for you to get, but to trust! Like right now, your moms?
“ Is praying for something she might not get if you keep carrying on.”
“ Oh so you DO get mad?” “Oh, for sho’! But never without love.”
“ You’ll still cleanse my sins?” “Most def! But never without my blood.”
“ Well, I’m a good man – I go to church! “Church!?
“ What you think? You just gonna listen to a preacher? Die and wake up on the Nebincaneezer?
“ Please Kou! You’re life is the Matrix – I’m Neo – the One,
“ The trinity, the holy spirit, the father, the son,
“ Realistically, there’s no mystery. You’re salvation has been mapped out so simplistically,
“ I’m amazed you mess up so ritually,
“ But you don’t listen to me. I gave you the word, what you do? Interpret it wrong,
“ Ate the fruit, killed your brother, now you complaining the serpent is strong?”
“ Dag, you right God! I’m acting blind to my blessings!
“ I’m a go do my assigned reading . . . I’ll get with you next session.”
Devil’s Advocate.