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Tunnel Rats - Cyphers
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright E. Van Clieff, D. Renyosa, J. Petty, J

Verse 1
watch the clock
cause your timing's off
i'm in the mood to set it
never stop
i'ma tic and toc until your hands regret it
60 seconds come and go
still i'ma take another minute
to count every beat that strikes your heart until you've had your limit
sound the alarm
if you're thinkin that it's your hour to shine
i'll be quick to tell you're early
it's only a quarter past mine
i'ma adjust your spine
and repair your mind state
cause your 15 in the sun has now been moved to a later date
there's no wait for 2nd place
if youll just move at faster pace
you'should've known that tunnel rats'll always win at mic debates
cause we make it a point to be on point
with every rhyme
if you can't see who you've messed with boy
you must've been blind
i'm that sista from new breed
the one who won't concede
i'll rock it to death
until the microphone cord bleed
no need to come after me
you're never going to get it
so come on and come with it
baby you gotta learn to spit

Itís a hot style, radio hostile is we/
Gospel emcee who ride a thousand miles of beats/
Exhale then excel past all expectations
Any cypha any nation (2x)

Verse 2
Apologetics in syphas
Move energy from potential to kinetic in syphas
To poetic in cyphas
They donít let us in cyphas,
In about four states,
Cuz no ones bold enough to bus after we let off in cyphas
Kapueria in cyphas
B-boy stance in cyphas
B-boy dance in syphas
To advance for your cyphas
Lift your hands in cyphas
to show your support
not for me but him whose report, you believe
I designed the flyas
Yal passed out in the syphas
Illest graff for the writas and somethiní for old timas
Phat beats for the minas
To rotate over syphas
Iím mo wild out and pray the prayer of faith in a syphas
Creed canít take you higher
Christ feuls the fire
Who do you admire?
Make sure they ainít a liar
Cuz Iím no expose and be the light of the syphas
Explode to supernoví donít let me enter your syphas

Itís a hot style, radio hostile is we/
Gospel emcee who ride a thousand miles of beats/
Exhale then excel past all expectations
Any cypha any nation (2x)

Verse 3
(Said it)Ritualistic, sometimes itís sadistic
But still Iím quick to pick out your flaws,
Caught, panic, raise havoc like they my kids
And love while I teach Ďem how to get paid in this biz
By definition I define it, I was born to bruise
As hard as a steel plate and I hate it when I lose
I choose to absorb the pain and hold it inside
And explode and affect anyone thatís in my range
And I know you thought it strange that I hope I never change
I been the same since I started this game
See I gave yaíll the rope you hanginí yourself with
You want borrowed time and I want payment in full
God said it, I aggressively go and get it
You canít get mad at me Iím nothiní more than a tool
That you can use in a duel like a sword
Someone said those who call me a fool better guard their head
Iím cominí like a whirlwind Ö
I stay old school while yaíll searchiní for the next
Rooted in the original text..

While you dirtied my rep and while you peacefully slept
I took a step toward the finish line without being invitedÖ