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Tunnel Rats - Concentrated
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright D. Hulbert, J. Evans, D. Smith, D. Baker

Verse 1 - listena
We've got a sticky situation see, whilst you're the gum in the
hair of hip-hop
I'm the crunchy peanut butter comb causing lips to lock rocking flip
the bridge is out the bridge is out and you're all watered down
soaking neck deep, prune skinned in your aqua situation lusting to
towel off
with my sound
I understand, you've got alot of opportunities on the horizons and so
yeah right, focus is the key and the lock is your happy medium
but your sloppy disposition is the only frame of mind in your feeding
attention wrapped tight to your shrink
if our lives were lawns our gnomes would be warring
if my mind was beautiful my thoughts would be adorable
even a smooth brainer could answer most of these questions
and probably quite possibly learn 2 or 3 lessons.

Its your heart that gets these people to listen/
Itís the words you say that molds the vision/
Itís the road you choose and the thoughts you thought you could think with no cost for the Cause of it all/ (2x)

Well I spill for the few/
Never over rated/
Always underestimated but notice I made it/
I took time out to think
Gave them the best meal
Owned up to mistakes and didnít blame didnít squeel
Told them I hated school but loved skippin class
Finished all assignments 11th hour to pass/
I just didnít have the attention span for the lies on how apes evolved into man/
Man is that a crock or maybe itís a gator/
Youíre a smudge on paper and I thank God for erasers/
I suppose Christ didnít die and simon took his place/
Take a second look before a sky splittin takes place/
It takes those who place faith in Jesus/
Hades is waiting with satan blending in dark instrumentals/
Smiling lying straight to your face/
While your sweatin- I hear your set in your humanistic ways/
Whatever pace you set you ainít crossing the line/
Getting by on mans knowledge paying homage to a dead sky/
Go ahead and make the sign of the Cross/
Bring it to your job but donít say nothing to your boss/


most of this means nothing to the ones you listen to.
but you got holes in your screen. even though it's bug it's gittin through.
so, purchase products and be quiet happy citizens.
& you'll even catch me giving in, but to the silence who's actually listening?
y'all on some duh' nin - duh' nin, but don't take it from me dunny.
check ya id, ya ego, superego, and them 3ree monkeys.
one with his hands over his ears. one with his hands over his eyes.
one with his hands over his mouth, & you can't be exposed to the lies
when you go through your lives till you're old & you die looking for the gold with the brightest glitter.
& they sold the prize to the highest bidder.
your shoulder provides you with the chips that you pretend to stack
& if the recipients get the message then they'll probably send it back.
my crew don't want me to befriend the whack, but how they gunna get any better?
used to think i was pretending to be black. i just think i'm pretending to be clever.
but you're empty inside. you got no heart. no wonder your chest hurts.
so stop askin for a transplant punk ... maybe next verse.