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Tunnel Rats - Ladders
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright R. Henley, D. Mansion, J. Petty

Well if a, thousand words is said in one look
Then glance, at the fist, clinched for the hook.
T.V. The fallacy factory, because you exist we resist.
Got to see through what you perceive to be,
And between me and you it seems to be,
They, penetrate our homes wit bones to pick, sayiní,
That all we good for is thuggin and drug slanginí,
For real I aint feelin the picture that yal be paintiní
Cuz every time we showed its rap or sprayiní,
Or comedians and none of that sound right
Peep them catís sound bites yal wonder why we still fight
You lyin, rotten to the core and youre, not
Part of the solution you helping with the distortion
My people keep in mind you cant, say stop,
They ainít goní show what yal, watch
This ladder
Of information learned dispersed
But the ladders worth is no less than the first if
Scattered. The seed will give birth if the soil is in dirt
And the wicked doesnít trip us on the way up

You gotta read in between the lines to find the truth they hide. No use if I just rely on what they put into the books written the crook. I look not to "FOX Eyewitness Fools." Mass media tools spread more chaos, all fed by greed. I fight to be freed in the weeds of yesterday's seeds. I'm peepin'...watchin' it seep in. There's no time for sleepin'. Airwaves, Internet, magazines & papers, snakes & the takers, fakers & the real. I can't let them steal my purpose in life. I gotta work this thing right. Perfect. Seems like you can't stay level when the planet's on a slant. You can rant and rave. It won't save you from... sooner or later havin' to make a decision to stop playin' dumb. Or forever be on the run. Choose one.