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Tunnel Rats - Thatís Life
(from the album Underground Rise)

all me delegates prepare for Armageddon, head on collision with a dead end is where we're heading, imbedding a mark in your forehead your better off dead, forgetting what happen on the cross the day the boss blead, force fead vinegar for sinner's, crips, and blood, bold heads, dread, and thug's holding chrome lead with hollow slugs, toting a dub sack of bud,
get head back up make noise and bug cuz God got nothing but love for that street spot were they beat box, phat lasses on shell tops, Reeboks wallabies timberlands and lugs, even a run away felon yelling hide me from the fuzz, God is what he was and will be, Omnipotent Creator all powerful alfa omega who still sees good in me, but in the hood it be a different scanario it gets scary yo, where you at who gat your back gun's clap sound in stereo, but i 'm preparing though for war fair, with nuclear aerial asult tracks that attack from out no wear, real head jump out your bad, not fead by bread alone lead by the word at herbs i bust lead
Thatís life. The struggles and pain, yea thatís right, thatís life.
We try to regain whatís tight cuz thatís life.
Father, son, holy spirit, kids and a wife.
Thatís life if youíve seen the light. (2x)

Verse 2 Raphi
Thereís so many thoughts without the words to express.
I thirst no more. Still, thereís a fire in my chest.
The flint was a glimpse of the light of his name.
Man Iíve seen mountains move and since never been the same.
I stood tall at Jericho and heard the sound of horns ringing
Bringing walls to fall to the ground.
I sung sweet serenades of richeousness with a voice of triumph
knowing victory was a gift. Given with a ribbon in the sky above.
I try an exorcise. Iím possessed by love.
So I breathe life into mics to express my passion.
Turn a one room shack into three story mansion with a wife in it.
Chained to GOD. Iím doiní life in it.
Variety keepiní the spice in it.
Keepiní it right but now we keepiní it tight.
Anyone can see the light but we goní keep it in sight.
My futureís bright.

strengthened by the hand of the man whose never left me
i rock on and understand that i can because he's blessed me
who'd a guessed me?
the least of all women
but that seem to be His given
so i'm driven by the fact i've never lacked though been unfaithful to the call of us all
still stand tall and i'm grateful
capable of giving Him the glory
He's the center of my...
so don't bore me with your perfection
take time for introspection
save the lecture
cause i betcha it'll getcha
in the neck when you ain't lookin'
still i'm bookin' for the line finish
cause like Raph
i'm doin' life in it
some never get it
spend this journey growing old early
hide behind walls afraid of being too worldy
but surely
don't mean to bust your bubble
don't get lost in the rubble
we've all stumbled and been humbled
it's all a part of the game
you'll never hear me complain
just speak my piece
live my peace
and remain