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Tunnel Rats - Outro – Underground Rise
(from the album Underground Rise)

For every dream weaved in seamless belief
There are thieves that seek to plot and plunder
Underground weeds feenin’ to choke hold the seeds of hope
Leave us broken and old
Nevertheless, let this be known:
Can’t no person, no thing, no serpent, no sting intercept what we bring
Kingdom-come concepts conceived from up above
And received down below pot-holed roads in the bellies of our souls
Where we hold fast to our faith
Pave the way for fellow rats and ghetto cats to tap that
Vast ocean of blessed success
Yes, we’ve passed the test of time
Come correct, intellectually fresh and exceptionally adept with our rhymes
You can’t find another crew more divinely aligned in vision
Or clearly defined in mission
There will be neither rest nor remission
Separation or submission
Listen up world
Underground rise… has risen.