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T-Bone - Nuttin to Somethin'
(from the album The Last Street Preacha)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
Who can express what a playa feel, so much gratitude inside of me for my patnas that done kept it real, loyal through tha hard times, when didn’t nobody care, everyone puttin’ me down, but you was still there, so many come and go, turn from friend to foe, but trues is witcha when ya seasoned or broke wit no doe, rolling a bucket, or dippin’ in dropped double R’s poor wit no record deal or signed and a superstar, who can I call on when my backs up against that wall, that won’t judge me, but love me and hug me when I trip and fall, accept my flaws and mistakes, love me for who I am, stand wit me waving at fans and when I ain’t tha man, picture me crying at the age of 9, so many homeys dying, locked up in pens, living a life of crime, slugs flying and been a witness to homicide, this life taught me love all you homeys while they still alive.

Friends, all my homeboys, how many of us have them, friends, all my rouges comrades and patnas, ones we can depend on, friends, all my homeboys, how many of us have them, friends, all my rouges comrades and patnas, before we go any

Verse 2
Keep ya homeys close, cuz in this business friends turn against you, especially when you need ‘em tha most, that’s when they’ll plot against you, then commence to rubbing your name in tha dirt, leaving you torn apart wit all tha pain and tha hurt, jealousy and greed twisted wit bitterness and envy, make ya friend be ya most hated enemy, seen it happen so many times before, make ya wanna leave tha game and not wanna rhyme no more, brotha against brotha and a father hating son, somebody tell me what have we done, my back got blood stains and scabs from backstabs, lived life looking for trues that I can call my comrades, or soldiers, sick of them lying, backstabbing, vultures in a world that’s getting’ colder, need a shoulder that I can cry on, rely on, till tha day I’m gone, we share that homey love thug bond, it’s a friend.

Verse 3
Some call ‘em dogs, others call ‘em rouges and comrades and patnas, hogs and aces, whatever tha case is, ain’t no replacing a true 2 life friend, soldier who been down through tha thick and tha thin, from tha womb to tha tomb, come floods or typhoons, we stuck together, endured tha cuts and tha wounds, scabbed and bruised, survived tha fights and tha feuds, separated we nuttin’, but together we can’t lose, homeboys to tha end, from tha hood to tha pen, my life in exchange for yours and your children, nuttin’ I wouldn’t do for a friend like you, when I needed you tha most ya came through (that’s true), when you hurt I feel pain, when you sad I cry, allies and down homeys to tha day we die, I got ya back like a chiropractor, from day one, throughout your life with tha final chapter, we best friends playa!