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T-Bone - Ride wit me
(from the album The Last Street Preacha)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1
Who's this rapper trying to step to me, talking bout, you aint really about that ministry, child please, we's them G's on they knees, preaching from California to the Florida keys, we be, slanging the word, while they, smokin they herb, and dippin in 64's, hittin switches on the curb, then swirve, back in place, bump that bass, with the sanctified sounds produced by that playa Chase, like mase, "I'm fina make ya feel so good", when I bump this gospel music in your hood, "Inglewood", West Covina, Pasadena, then take it to my gente, in Puente, I cant forget about all my patnas in the 415, 510, 916, make them chips, we stick together like cement and bricks, now just bounce to this playalistic Boneybone hit.

Dip, Bounce, side to side, and come ride wit a playa from tha killa Cali westside. Pyshco, westcoast, rider, music, for you and all yo dawgs to cruise wit. (2x)

Verse 2
Shhh, aint no talking, while I'm puttin demons in coffins, dippin in the Cadillac bumpin Dawkins and Dawkins, got me wrapped up tied up, if you love Cali playa throw the westside up, now watch me ride like them hells angels, in them Harleys or those cowboys with the blue wranglers, swinging their lassels screaming wild, wild west, cuz where I'm I'm from you need a bulletproof vest, smoke the "WHAT " for your stress, nah dogg, hold up wait a minute, cuz ain't no high if the holy ghost aint rolled up in it. I get drunk in the soirit on a day to day basis, and preach the word to my patnas catching cases, racist clicks too, piru flamed up in blue, crips too, God wanna bless you, 2,3,4 and 5, now close your eyes and bump this in your ride while you glide and...

Verse 3
I just cant stop, making saucy gospel hip hop, fina do this til the day that I drop like Tupac,who do you believe in ?, I put my faith in God, blessed to be breathing, preaching to the hethan, bucking them demons, oh what a feeling, got the crowd screaming, dancing on the celing, so hate if you wanna mang, say what you say, but gospel rap without Bone is like LA with out a Dr.Dre, or Sway without Tech, catching wreck, or these California streets with out a ghetto vet, it ain't happening, bibles I'm still packin them, and jackin demons withthem 44 magnems.