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Gospel Gangstas - Backslider
(from the album Do or Die)

Six months straight I could hear you calling now Im on my way to the
altar and the tears keep falling. Hit the front and collapse thinking
that I was so strong now Ive been gone so long where did I go wrong. I
was walking the bright testifying of Christ shining my light everyday I
would read and pray. To be saved I was so proud but compromising only
missed got me hanging with my old crowd. Thinking chilling with the
homiez wouldnt hurt now they got me back in clubs missing church,
flirt. Flesh got me getting at these girls again forget the cross now
Im lost in the world of sin. I tried to play it off like I still had a
grip. had everybody fooled not knowing I tripped . But I couldnt fool
self it was time to start repeating the prayer cuz deep in my heart I
heard Christ say.

Backslider come back home, youve been gone too long. Jesus is still on
his throne ( hes praying for ) Backslider to come back home.

Walking in the world without no relief and youre full of grief becuz
youve been robbed by the theif, but peep. God is saying its time to
come back child but Satan will condemn you and make you feel exiled. But
I know the story about the prodigal son in the Bible its true and I
know cuz I was one. I read Luke 15 and started for my crown theres
many parables about the lost and the found now, you might be the Son who
journeyed from home for some apparent reason you decided to roam, but
you find that you was walking in the danger zone. Then suddenly you
realized that it was nothing like home. Feeling you cant come back
its too late thats just pride cuz staying away is like suicide. Its
time to come back and return to the Lord, get cleaned up delivered and
restored. Its time to come home.

Backslider come back home, youve been gone too long. Jesus is still on
his throne ( hes praying for ) Backslider to come back home.

When you coming home (repeat 5 times)

.......... you feel it aint fair you fell by the wayside and nobody
cared the other hand is full of blood guilt but to take away your sin is
why his blood spilt. You walk around with a complex all day, everyday,
but (hey) I heard Paul say, forget the things that are behind me is
what he said, and press forward to the things that are
....come back home child to hold you again is my desire cuz God is
married he never left you but you left him what profit does a man to
gain the world and lose his soul see everything that glitters aint
gold and that would be derange cuz nothing is equal to your soul man
exchange so come back home cuz your a lost sheep and the wolf is on the
roam forget your own life lose it for Christ. Please dont look back, no
dont be like Lots wife.