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Street Sweepers - Sorrow & Pain
(from the album M22)

Through this world full of stress - the thunder and rain
I try hard to maintain but the drama remains
I feel trapped in this game so I call on your Name
Jesus relieve me from the Sorrow and Pain

Verse I
As I look back over my life what do I find
But a rugged road set to explode - like a land mind
I seeks the comfort from the "L" plus I long affection
But every move is like I'm steppin' in the wrong direction
And now I'm faced wit' the dramas of tomorrow
Which road do I follow - a bigger pill to swallow
A hollow life is what I'm livin' - shallow love I'm givin'
Stuff my pockets wit' rocks I think I'll go swimmin'
But fear of water got me petro on the low
So I toss up the thought then I ease to the weed spot
And now my moms is on my back - you just like your father
Well pops was never here so I ain't tryin' to hear that
Why don't you practice what you preach
I remember Uncle Stan - Uncle Frank and now this week you datin' Uncle Pete
I can't take it shut your mouth before I break it
It's gettin' iller better bounce before I kill her
Lord can you save me from this mess in this world full of stress
Wear a vest because of thoughts of killin' myself
And now it seems I got so much to lose and not enough to gain
Thank God for the rain to camouflage the pain

Verse II
It's kind of stressing - just being a Christian adolescent
Trying to keep my head stepping in the right direction
I'm praying for the blessings - I'm trying to rise but yet I'm falling
To the point where sometimes I even here the marijuana calling
Telling me to come on but my spirit telling me to stay strong
With all this going on in my head - it's like a constant war
My spirit wants to please God but my flesh wants to please man
The way things look right now it seems like flesh has the upper hand
I walk this land just trying to understand
Why is it that sin wraps around me like wrists and rubber bands
I know that I'm a Christian but I'm thinking of other plans
I'm getting stressed out - plus I don't have enough strength to stand
It's like I'm in a situation - where it's lose or lose
There's a million and one gods - I'm like who do I choose
I'm so confused - it's like I'm about to blow a fuse
I think Jesus is Lord but I don't really know the dude
People always say that God is watching over you
And I - but every time I cry He never shows and proves or maybe He's just slow to move

Verse III
Obstacles are accumulatin'
Blatant persecution hate producin' - it's like I'm in a room wit' satan
Faith is fading drastically
Persuasion by demons from satan hypnotizing me - to fornicate passionately
What happen to these feelings - who has the key to conceal them
I know I'm allowed to like women but I don't need to be sinnin'
Evils revealin' throughout my fleshly attire
I need the blood of the Messiah to kill these fleshly desires - plus
I know that I'm a man of God for certain
But I want to be more of a servant cuz' my current job seems worthless
Lord I'm hurtin' and I hope you heard this - the matter is urgent
Since your Word is sharper than two swords - you be the surgeon
The doctor givin' prescriptions in churches - the physician spirit that's workin'
Through Biblical lyrics and verses
Search this heart I come before you totally imperfect
With insufficiency and sinfully I'm very nervous
I rep' you Lord - I need no entourage to claim
Or to compromise the name of the One who's Sovereign
But this main fact I proclaim - and in my mind it will sustain
I realize I need your love to camouflage the pain