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Street Sweepers - Street Sweepers - (Still Sweepin')
(from the album M22)

Verse I
Yo let me be the first to spit and drop mines - I'm open for Christ 24-7 like hotlines
And spit rhymes beyond enemy lines while God rebukes demons back to the pit of hell where the enemy lies- for the third time
We're street sweepers who preach Jesus
On your ruggedest drug corner - no mics and no speakers
Blood shed red fuitiges survivor packs
A blood stained banner as the victory flag - so I ask
Are you ready - then lets do this - grab your broom sticks
Preach the Word until it echo's like bad acoustics - news exclusive
We drop jewels kid unlike confusious spit street hermeneutics - revolutionary theme music
And grab mics with aggression professin' Christ as we preach the life - the death and Resurrection - to a world that's dying from a deadly infection
And those who refuse to turn over like interceptions - our anti- sin is the cross reference Our message - that we're confessing is the immaculate conception
We bash mad evil with street sweeper the sequel - and speak more truth than Bean Siegel My 66 cock back with more impact than desert eagles
We are the church who speak the Word - street sweeper cathedrals

We're the Street Sweepers - callin' your bluff
And everybody's gettin' touched - every religion is bein' rushed
Yall better open up your eyes son and realize - get ready!

Verse II
I breathe life like an oxygen tank on city blocks
Where many flock the spot and darkness hawk city side walks
Where nines talk and sin stalk dirty alley ways
There's a million ways to die but only one to be saved
From the cradle to the grave - the dash moves in flashes
And strike like matches and burn souls like ashes
Christ took the lashes to stop us from fallen like stock crashes
Where the masses laugh at us but we know who pass the classes
From the road of Damascus to the sweet smell of Alabaster
Flip the scrip like my pastor but givin' glory to the Master
On the night of rapture what happens the day after
Will you be free wit' the Saints or live in torment wit' the captured
Don't be mad because I asked ya - cuz' if you don't you choose the latter
So I'm sweepin' these streets just to save you from disaster
I hope my rhyme grabs ya - check the verbs from these sources
Ghetto rats wit' no remorse until Christ came and restored us
No need to applaud us - we don't do this for more bucks
Just distorted orphans on their way to the coffin
The lost and the tossed and the ones the world aborted
From the slums to the thrill seekers we be the Street Sweepers

Verse III
I'll rip through your Lexus frame - in Jesus blessed name
With two Bibles on my hips- call me the Christian Jesse James
Makin' sure you don't catch the flames - we're Street Sweepers that men hate
Bringin' truth with lyrics that stay tight like first time prison inmates
Forget a vest blast Godly slugs that will forever penetrate
If you don't accept Christ you'll go to hell and burn faster than minute steaks
Men debate and brag about their sinning rate it's sad
Spiritual bastards livin' without a Spiritual Dad
I proclaim the name of the One slain for your whole frame
Cuz' you had a ticket going south bound to hell on the soul train
So forget the whole game - get with Christ and you'll receive no blame
Cuz' we need Jesus like bald men need Rogaine
You must be out of this world like George Lucas it's useless
To think I'm going to stop preachin' about the One who touch more people than masseuses
We drink living water while you're drinking juices out of mixers
And pray you don't fall - like men who can't handle their liquor
I travel the entire environment preaching the Messiah vibrant
You can catch me on every corner just like fire hydrants
Jesus is my enlightment plus He is my excitement
If Christ was a super-hero - I would be His sidekick