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Street Sweepers - Street Sweepers (Original)
(from the album M22)

Verse I
I - live by the sword and I'll die by the sword
Ride for the Lord - at anytime die for the cause
Pick up my cross and follow the Lord who brings hell holocaust
So we reach out to all of ya'll
Give me the players and the pimps who say they love to ball
Give me the thugs and hustlers who say they love to brawl
Give me the youth - rebellious and all
So I can present the victorious Victor who reigns with no flaws
With a presence so amazing that you'll stand in awe
Jaw drop to the floor while everything just paused
So I rep Jehovah Nissi - Rophi - Elkaborge
What ever name you want to call my lord runs it all
Supreme God Elohim is why I spit these bars near and far
Tearing down walls and strongholds
Front-liners stand bold - the truth will be told
To all people - young - middle aged and old
We sweeping the streets and reaching the un-reached
Stomping on the enemy's fleet with scripture over beats
Real soldiers run for Christ - who you know role deeper
His blood shed red just to kill the grim-reeper
So we preach the name Jesus - know the name Jesus
Like it or not - you'll never defeat a believer
We're truth seekers - true speakers - radicals for Christ
And street sweepers through Jesus

We're the Street Sweepers - callin' your bluff
And everybody's gettin' touched - every religion is bein' rushed
Yall better open up your eyes son and realize - get ready!

Verse II
I - rep the crock - Christ the Rock
Running through your ruggedest block screaming Shabachk
I rep Christ through hip hop from ghetto's to hill tops
Just His - name is flames - so you know the spill is hot
My God is not mocked - so I spit flames to keep your neighborhoods and blocks hot
And the street ministry has got you throwing fits like after shocks
We preach life even after the top of the casket drops
And we give massive props to the God who stands in triumphant
With front-liners sounding trumpets to prophesy His comin'
I'm a keep it real but basic - life without Christ is devastating
Like God and satan exchanging faces
Like Christ not standing adjacent - being the Rock of all ages
Standing firm beyond first placement
You got to face it - it's obvious who I'm praising
The God beyond evolutionary infatuations, fasseds of imaginations
I spit facts of the Master - to the masses of creation
Casting the demonstration of who's the nicest
so when the mics lit - I show the true definition of who Christ is