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Street Sweepers - Separate
(from the album M22)

Verse I
It's time to separate
Like splittin' atoms - the lie from the Truth in the message I'm spittin' at 'em
The Christ-like - from the spittin' image of Adam
Sins grip from the hands that grab 'em
Battle cries from the victory anthem
It's time to separate
White flags from the Blood-stained Banner
Like - rainin' Manna from a land that's famine
A praise dancer - from the up against the wall by-stander
Never second but singin' Our Lord is One like a Jewish Canter
It's time to separate
The can from the impossible - the healed from the hospital
The peace from the hostile - absolutes from Aristotle
It's time to separate
The sunshine from the cloudy days
The agent from the worldly ways from the Ancient of Days
It's time to separate
The one's who just claimin' the Name from the one's who dedicate their life to praisin' the Name
The One who pled guilty from the one who shifted the blame
I'm liftin' the Name - I'm suggestin' that you do the same

Without Christ we live in sin - trapped in spiritual tar pits
In God's eyes a target to the spiritual marksman
We're livin' intertwined wit' hearts and minds that are the darkest
It's the hardest - that's why we're anticipatin' the harvest

Verse II
It's time to separate
In this verse like God and man
Like a loud mouth heathen from a silent Lamb
Like the - you ares from the Great I Am
Who stopped life - to add a thirty-three year time span
It's time to separate
The war from the violent flames
Separate the forged from the One who signed your name
The Truth Speaker from the one who speaks lies in vain
Separate Peace of Mind from the mind insane
It's time to separate
The cure from the world's migraine
Up in your head like mind games - I aim
To separate the good from the evil - Invisible from the see through
Mark for death like Steve Seagal
Separate the Most High Cathedral - from the - sinful man who thinks God and man are equal
To separate the only God who can see who's - sick wit' sin - so He gets within infected men like needles

Verse III
My point of separation is to make sure that you see who
Christ is - the only One - who can truly redeem you
So I bring you - Supreme Truth
The Word-of-God instead of devilish lies that seem true
I'm separatin' it religion from relationship
Lust of the world from the love of the God who created it
So my statement is - it's never too late to live
For the God who life He never hesitated to give
It's time to separate - like truth or lie
Choose life or sin that separates - you from God
Either come bold - or hold the truth inside
Cuz' without Christ you die - so you decide