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Street Sweepers - Talk Is Cheap
(from the album M22)

I remain a Witness though it's hard keepin' the mind of Christ
From the break of daylight - to the dark and violent nights
I'm the silent type - play it meak - but cats say it's weak
To turn the other cheek in the streets - talk is cheap

Verse I
I keep pressin' through this world that's full of stressin'
I'm destined to learn a life long lesson - to gain and maintain my blessins'
Steppin' over obstacles setup for my down fall
Which only seem to appear whenever I'm around yall
So I walk these blocks locked on my higher callin'
Desire learnin' that require discernin' from prior fallin'
And what's determined is - you can't see what I envision
Bars from your mental prison - to cause you simple decisions
So what I eat - you could - never understand
Until you cast out doubt and eat the meat from the Lamb
I rep' the Right Hand Who became sinful man for me
To suffer persecution for livin' right by all means
I don't give in to the lust for the fame the love of the game
The pain and the shame that come from rejectin' the Name
Respect Him or flame - accept or remain sin stained
Or feel the wrath of the sorrow or pain
So I remain to speak to the laymen streets
Proclaimin' heat but be vain and weak
So if you sow what you sow then you gonna reap what you reap
You think you know - you have no idea - Talk I s Cheap

Verse II
Heavenly linked - written in blood in permanent ink
Predestined with weapons think when you step to the blessed and distinct
My intent is to ride for the Lord til' the end of my existence
On fire like burning incense with more lines than finger imprints
You think its sweet - you have to carry a tek' and reload
But I represent the God who controls the destiny of your soul
Your eternal placement in heavens living room or hells basement
You're like a blind man cuz' you don't know what you're facin'
And you can play that role as a twenty first century Goliath
Impious and intertwined with satan and his dark alliance
Being used like an appliance livin' by the code of violence
But where are you going to go when you can't breathe no more like clogged sinuses
Here's the math - sin plus man equal wrath - so what's conducive
Is if you cling to the divine blueprint Jesus Christ the Victor and Judge over all who sin
Talk is cheap in God's eyes - your language is worth two cents
I love you in a spiritual way and that's the truth
I die daily to my flesh without knives or a gat to shoot