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Street Sweepers - Passion
(from the album M22)

It's Agape - Your love is everlasting
It's not just rappin' - it's straight passion

Verse I
I worship You to the melody You play on my heart strings
For You I'll forsake all is what my heart sings
I glorify You with all my heart Lord whole heartedly
Standing firm on Your Word that You'll never depart from me
So to you I sing worship melodies and sweet psalmistry
Praising the God whom all honor and glory be
It's more to me than just calling Your name
Lord forgive me for the days when I was all for the fame and all for the games
Literally crawling in flames
So I'm a keep it simple and plain - Jesus - I'm not ashamed of Your name
And I love you Lord that's why I'm not ashamed of Your name
You kept me sane in the midst of my sorrows and pain
When every body turned their backs on me - you remained
Yet I still found a way just to shift the blame
And in my daily walk - I denied you before men but You confessed me before Him
And freed me of my sins - starting it off with labeling me born again
But why - why would You save this wretch - take the least and consider him as great as the best Kept me alive when I should have been laid to rest
How could You love me - way before the day that we met
I must confess - Lord that You rock my world
Gave me comfort when I lost my best friend and my girl
What do I do in the days I had nowhere to turn
But You were there to stop the burn - so for Your love my heart will always yearn

Verse II
Through the midst of the wilderness - I follow You
Became a Lamp to my feet just to guide me through
Gettin' drenched wit' emotion here inside the booth
An intercession for the world that they'll abide in You
To find the Truth instead of throwin' obstacles
In hopes of - stoppin' You but their mission is impossible
But daily - I die to You hit the - blocks for You and testify for You
I cried to You for what my heart was in search of
A thirst of a second chance to find my First Love
My life was drastic but in cursive You autographed it
You stayed at it when I shunned you like bad habits
Addicted to sin like crack addicts
Lackin' the breath of Life like asthmatics in gymnastics - seems tragic
From the days of livin' lavish and runnin' the streets like wild rabbits
You jammed the trigger when I wasn't havin' it
I can't wait for the marriage but I pray for the ones who may perish
Bound and bandaged and can't manage
Lord you died to save a wretch like me
Jesus your love is more precious than carrots it's Agape

Verse III
I don't even deserve to say forgive me - for I know what I do
When I purposely sin against You
Knowing the consequences of my foul living and sinning like skies the limit
But You always forgive and forget - when I'm repentin'
I steady disappoint You - in my life and it hurts
That's why I burst - into tears - just writing this verse
A child of God - I'm not deserving to be
I earnestly ask for Your strength - so I'll stand as firm as can be
This world is hearting me with no fear of deserting me
You saw my broken heart and urgently performed surgery
Gave me the peace that fits perfectly - sent your Son to die purposely
So in the mist of my adversity
You set me far from sin like earth to mercury
And put a thirst in me to no longer give You the worst of me
I stand alone - because I urge to speak
The opposite of what most churches love to preach
I stress You and You alone - the Rock that's solid
I'm one of the few that search for Your heart and not for Your pockets
Yearning for relationship - I don't just need it - I want it
While the masses wait for their pocket to over runneth with hundreds
And most cats are ashamed to put Your name in a rap
But I love You with all my heart and ain't no changing that