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Street Sweepers - Ac' Piece (new)
(from the album M22)

We God's peeps - spittin' a couple of Ac' Pieces
No matter what you say son - we speakin God's Thesis
You don't know God until you've met our Jesus
Please believe us - Matthew:22 Street Sweepers

Verse I
In Jesus name we constantly bring the gospel no matter who you wit' So with tight flows we throw Christ bows harder that Ludacris Street Sweepers - I know you're tired of hearing the name But we're bold with it - so we speak with no fear in the name In the spirit I walk like the incredible hulk rips through the frame Like Donnie I stand for Christ no longer hip to the game
Through Christ tactics we speak the Immaculate accurate And speak the word of God so visual you see graphics It's automatic - lyrically getting my rep' on For the same God who became man to get stepped on You know the same God you choose to dump your disrespect on The God who's tougher than Teflon Got beat to an old rugged cross until His flesh torn Life without Him is dangerous like in the mist of war with no vest on So I pledge allegiance to preach Jesus until the last of my breath's gone

Verse II
My God be killin' it - willin' and dealin' it
Watched His Son pour Blood all over Himself but He didn't get in trouble for spillin' it
Got up from the grave and said yo I ain't feelin' it
Snatched hell and deaths keys when He left and hell's gates He started sealin' it
There was a price for my life but I wonder where the bill went
Left the Pharisees confused but even back then He was revealin' it
Fulfillment I'm filled wit' cuz' like Otis Redding said, it's gone away
So can somebody tell me where the thrill went
Excitement is my delightment on the night when Jesus went
To the Cross what's His charge "Lovin' us" was His indictment
His Word is our enlightment - shun evil enticements
Though death was a high price to pay - He still refused the stipend
I'm an MC for Christ so big up's to the One on the Right Hand
But if Christ was MC'n - I'd be His hype man
So as I grab this mic stand - Christ takes the mic man
And spit Words that cut deeper than laser scans
So wave your hands and give praise to the One wit' the major plans
Lose the poker face son He's comin' wit' a Royal Flush and just played your hand
He gave you chance after chance after chance but you refused the Man
So now He's shootin' hot bullets at your feet makin' you dance
I'm not from the Bronx the Dirty South - West Coast or Maryland
I'm from the heart of God created in His image who holds the world in His Hand
Jesus Christ accept Him or burn in hell's fire wit' the rest of the clan
G.O.D. no one above Him I am that I am

Verse III
I'm takin' a stand - moving treacherously in this dangerous land
Steppin' with a weapon - a King James 16:11 gauge in my hand
With a body of a lion and a face of a man - wings of an angel - no halo
Just child of grace tattooed on a headband baggy pants - controlled by the Spirit to harm the plans of the adversary who congregates with his minions like army ants
Using devilish vocabulary that's hard to understand
So if you get shot by spiritual hot glocks call the ambulance
I'll be in the passenger seat while Elohim is drivin'
Jesus in the back revivin' and on the radio the Spirit is guidin'
Us straight to the victims - cats built up on worldly wisdom
And sure to die like you catching a cold with no immune system
We put the Master in your gristle - there's no attacking these rappin' Epistles
Cause truth get stuck to your mental - like wet napkin tissue
You can call any thug - I carry lead to but in my pencil
And the love of Christ who's not only cardinal but thee Official
Of cleaning hearts that are foul and sinful
For God I rhyme right and seek things that are eternal and not temporal
Like the limelight
When I die I'll live again cause I have eternal and Devine life
But if you die without Christ - you'll live once and then you'll die twice