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Street Sweepers - Ac' Piece (old)
(from the album M22)

We God's peeps - spittin' a couple of Ac' Pieces
No matter what you say son - we speakin God's Thesis
You don't know God until you've met our Jesus
Please believe us - Matthew:22 Street Sweepers

Verse I
So are you living for Christ or are you living a curse Cause life without Christ is a competition of who can get to hell first Feel the words-this world is demonic like 70's records played in reverse but it gets worse Man thinking it's cool to live filthy cause he was made from dirt So we put in maximum work and salute Christ like army reserves My whole repertoire - be reppin' God Laced up in uniform - like specter guards Accept the cause of Christ meeting death at the Cross The one that gave you CPR when your breath was lost I'm telling ya'll - Jesus is Lord and ain't no passin' that I'm thorough bread to preach Christ in the urban habitats Where people refuse to see the point like caterax So we hit cats with a foul mixture - of thorough beats and scripture To graphically paint the picture - of the convictor - the Great Victor The Mister can I get with you - the One who wants to flip you -sinner to Saint switch ya' Like cross overs' - so we frontline soldiers - who rep' the name of Jehovah Until He returns just like He told you - then you know the whole world is over

Verse II
G-Wade the opposite of anti - so satan why try
You can't kill me but for Christ watch this man die
And I - betcha by golly wow you wonder who what when how
I chose Christ - figured it out by now
I stays true to my Savior that's why I keep bringin' you new flava
Wit' new beats like DJ Who gave ya
And oooh baby steppin' to me - a wrong move baby
This battle ain't physical or lyrical it's a spiritual groove baby
I blaze for the Everlastin' I stays in prayer and fastin'
Surpassin' has beens healin' pain like aspirin
Whose blood poured red like Corey - what book told the Precise story
If it ain't the Bilble - you ain't got nothin for me
I carrys my Cross like Cipher - bring the fire
Come hell or high water - I'm still big up'n El Shaddia
Back in the days I use to be a little mischief wit' this gift
Spreadin' lies wit' the crew I use to spit wit'
But now my tongue flows fresh like a fountain
No longer down wit' misfits dirty rotten scoundrels - I'm clownin'
And I can go on and on like a Rapper's Delight song
Leavin' you tired and confused like the Tower of Babylon
Un Mi Amore - My First Love - affections on things above
The rocks will cry out if you don't show "Em love

Verse III
God's gift was a free-bee like school lunches
The wages of sin is death so for mans debt He took more than a few punches
I go into battle with tools clutched and the Bible I use much man
To set right and shed light on false teachings that fools trust in
I'm on fire like volcanic eruptions - for Jesus and I choose discussions
On how Christ is the life guard to pull you out of the pool of corruption
Apologetics - real truth always bring a lot of headaches
So just swallow this message because it's not about following ethics
This worlds' diseased infested with sin and only one thing will correct it people
Have to allow Jesus Christ inside of them deep just like intestines
But they creep with a lot of weapons and speak a lot like reverends
Praising their sin with women in linens and bed caressin'
But every thing we do is recorded like studio sessions
So we should come to know the God who truly knows the blessings
For Christ I stand on hill tops and I spill lots
So if you think I'am stop preaching Jesus you better go take a long walk with Jill Scott you know who God is real Oc' - Elohim Yeshua the One who I give real props
In the spirit I stay high like Tyrone Hills socks