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Erase - Wages of sin
© copyright T. Collins, T. McKeehan, J. Painter, J. Elwood, W. Becker, D. Fagan

Wipe it up wipe it away wipe it down
hate abounds when you look around
the birds flew the coup as the darkness drew
the race we're in is about to get its due

I'm just sitting in this shell of mine
lookin thru holes wondering whats on the inside
a mental vacancy too much complacency
and laughing at the past ain't the cure for me

trying to get some want some peace
looking for balance a little harmony
so ante up my friend we've been dealt a hand
now its time we paid the price for the wages of sin

Chorus 1

Tisk Tisk the wages of sin the wages of sin my friend
Tisk Tisk the wages of sin the wages of sin

Verse 2

Wipe it up wipe it away wipe it down
nothings found till the truth is found
looking for paths beyond this lunacy
a burnt my hands while touching history

never can agree always disagree
our heads are full of waste a mental eulogy
so now we paid the price from our fathers dice
I wouldn't do the things they've done but now I where their vice

You gotta reel it in cause the hook is in
clearing out the space where the mind has been
roaming thru those zones sometimes all alone
when my skully gets full then my dome gets blown

Chorus 2


Verse 3

Hereditay sort of scary
but something I was born with
being raised south of the mason dixon line
is sometimes hard to admit

cause I'm into hip hop when DJ Scott LaRock
died I cried an eyeful
but the long and the short is my skin is white
so my people say I ain't right

So I turned to the brother who says I'm the other
stuck in the middle again
a middle class WASP into hip hop
the unforgiveable sin (Tisk, Tisk, Tisk)

Chorus 3


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