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Street Sweepers - Truth or Lie
(from the album M22)

What you gonna speak - the truth or lie?
Cuz' when it comes down to Christ son it's do or die

Verse I
The Ackdavis
Verbal scientist beatin' whack doctrines down with an iron fist
Who is Jesus Christ but nobody's defining it
So I'm supplyin' this thought like a psychiatrist
You'll die in this game if you're tryin' His name you'll fry in the flames
Lyrical evangelist critical like crime in Las Angeles
Life without Christ you're playin' yourself like Jeru the Damager
I can go twelve rounds beyond amature stamina
While I'm handin' you tracks and Bilically slammin' ya from here to Canada
We keep it rugged son like we were Tony Montana
So for Christ I rock the Blood-dipped Bandana
Bang wit' scripture hammers most cats can't stand us cuz' we preach about the Supernatural like Santana spit the Gospel grammar rep' Jehovah Nissi' The Banner
In raw manner to any cat who wants to touch the Supreme man handler
It's scanulous how most cats wanna read God like an analyst
And expect to know what the answer is
We're street evangelists preachin' the manuscript
From the palaces to the abandon strips
Stressin' the fact that life without Christ is like abandon ship
Divin' head first in sin with no chance to live
It's my chance to give the ultimate ultimatum
Choose Christ now or hell blazin' - I stand adjacent
To the One Who's blood shed to save men
So if I die my last words - Christ is ever remainin'

Verse II
It's deadly like brain cancer is - so can they really handle us
When we stoppin' demons down in Christ name like Irish dancers kid
Throwin' mad questions at cats like Jeopardy panelist
Who is Jesus liar lunatic lord or legend - the answer is the Lord
The only to get to heaven - in Gods presence inhaling God's essence like effervescent
Refreshment - peep the lesson I'm stressin'
You can go from life to death in one second
But you can go from death to life by one confession
Without Christ you live an unbalanced life like see-saws
And refuse to see that you're marked for death like Steve Segal
The blind claimin' to see God so we're tryin' to teach yall about the God Who sees all
What you don't know will hurt you so our mission is to reach yall
And preach God even after the beats off - man strayed from God into a detour
We beseech yall about the God who can free yall His name is Jesus aka Esau - so peace yall
While these false doctrines got you gassed up like helium
I present the God who chose the death mission like Polestinians
I'm revealin' Him through hip hop - to most cats who ain't feelin' Him
I'm fillin' 'em - wit' the facts about the One who can truly deliver 'em
Turned Street Sweeper from the average criminal - see beyond subliminal
My minimal facts is - without Christ you're pinned by sin like both shoulders to a mattress
I'm askin'

Verse III
What you gonna speak - either the truth or lie
Cause life without Christ is awkward - like having one tooth or eye
Either your shoes can loose or tied when you're running this race
Satan's out to devestate the whole place - just like an earthquake makin' the earth shake
With mad sin - Baskin like Robins with out the ice cream enticing
You with the nice things - that might bring you into shock like lightning
When you find out the same Jesus you was fighting
Like a Viking is coming back like the empire striking
For the king - I speak the gospel with bass like lower octaves Spit provocative - run with a team of street prophets Hotter than nostrodamus - the truth we droppin' - makes cats want to switch topics Sin and death go together like rock and mosh pits You could - live in defeat or die daily surviving I stress the word of God and speak vibrant Choose Christ now before He eternally shuts your eyelids
We speak truth not lies - grab hold of the Light Source
My life source is nothin' less thatn Christ the Lord
I'm plugged in to get amped like mic cords
It's life or - death - the onle message I stress and fight for
Choose the right door - cuz' when Christ balze the white horse
Wit' the right force - He's not concerned - whether or not you like pork
Cuz' durin' the night wars - He's comin' to fight wit' the life sword
So you can pay the price for your sins He gave His life for