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Street Sweepers - Face It
(from the album M22)

Face it - this world we're livin' in is soon wasted
It's worth nothin' - no since in frontin' or debatin'
So what you chasin' - we're down for Christ so why you waitin'
We're motivated to preach Christ so just face it

Verse I
Fase it - like your looking at a glossy bracelet
God is coming back the King of Ages - that's why we blaze this
Without Christ you're strung out with your tongue out
Like Tims' without the laces - looking for God in the wrong places
You got a full deck in your hands but no aces
Jesus will lead you to the oasis - but you'd rather chase this
Fast life of speed - the money, girls, cars and the weed - wanting more like greed
21st century Saddusees - you need to face it.

Face it - don't get mad at me because I speak the truth
I'm not a casualty - while this world lives in apathy
Rapidly speaking blasphemy it's sad to see this world has the audacity
To reject Christ - the One who stopped the tragedy
And you're asking me why I'm attracted to his Majesty - like sources of gravity
and speak the highest praise that breaks cities like Babylon
All hail the Author and King like Avalon - ya'll need to face it

Face it as I gratify Jehovah adoni
With massive lines - and massive rhymes crushing like mastadons
I left my past behind - cause these the last of times
When cats pack the nine, and laugh at crimes - but you passed the line
You need to learn that death sneaks up and when you die you can't return
And when burn - according to your past life that's what you earned
Our God Jesus Christ came as a lamb to save men
But the second time He comes - He's bringing wrath that's blazin' - so you need to face it

Verse II
Yo son - we in the last days where life is war
Christ is Lord - but to most cats ice is lord
No need for stage, glits, glair mics we toss
To strike men like lightening bolts to enlighten thoughts
Five mics in the Source wouldn't give Christ His right applause
The right is yours to know the God who gave His life for yours
From a throne to a cross - to sweep sin like a wind from a raging storm
And make the enemy catch the wrath from a flaming sword - sent thorough representatives to claim the lost - and boldly proclaim the name of the One who paid the Cost - so get your lives right with Christ before the sound of the blazing horns - face it

Face it - you're not God and you never will be
Cause your life is filthy like borrows in North Philly
You can redicule me - but I'll still be on top like ceilings
Or satelites on buildings - only because I got Christ to shield me
The mellow type - spittin' raw lyrics that gets fellows hype
Telling you right - slow your role like cars at yellow lights
Cats is fleeing to colleges - trying to predict God like meteorologist
Do you follow this it's so deep it's bottomless
Face it - sin is appealing just like a model's switch
And because of that Gods wrath is comin' worst than storms the tropics get
Face it - ain't no stoppin it when God is droppin' it
You'll have better luck being blind and trying to catch a knat with some chopsticks
You fall like dropkicks - walkin' in the path of darkness
Among more heartless people than 7 million man marches
Burning like arsonist - wit' matches for sparkin' to apartments
Without Christ you need to think what happens after your flatter than carpets so
face it

Face it - no love for the One born in the manger
Never loyal - living life in two ways - like new pagers
Never study the scripture - just flip through pages
Slip through phases - cause you'd rather skip the basic
I spit phrases - like Christ is the King of Ages
I rip praises - for the One who made the sky split to save us
I live for the Savior - I'm salt so my occupation is giving you flavor
So you can savor - the man and death separator - plus the breath detonator
You were breathing to death until He put you on a respirator
I tell ya'll it's not just rap - I let the fact be known after the track
And preach Christ until I run out of breath like asthma attacks
So when disaster attacks I rep - the miraculous Master that saved me from the aftermath Cause He's the first and the last - and whatever's after that so face that