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Street Sweepers - He's Still #1
(from the album M22)

Alpha- Omega - He's still #1
Lord - Creator - He's still #1
The Major - none comes greater - the Savior
Devil and sin hater - He's still #1

Verse I
I used to - spit game but now I spit the name
Of the One Who saved me from the midst of the flame
Never vain - I exchanged the rush for the lust of the fame
For the Trust in the Most High cuz' from dust I was made
So why wait - for the Tri-State attack before you migrate
To the God of Love but when He returns He's gonna be irate
When the sky break and the earth shatters like broken mind states
Cats will be - breakin' out like it's 5:00 o'clock on a Friday
It's Yahweh or the highway Christ the fly way - to save you from the roaster
Your life without Christ gets ripped off like a old poster
To cats who give God the cold shoulder - so we pace off for the final face off like John Travolta
Creatin' phenomenon's like we're suppose to
So I'm keepin' 66 shots in my holster for those who oppose the
Maker of your toes to your knees, neck, head and shoulder
A true soldier - givin' true praise to the True Hova
So I boldly proclaim the Blood donor - Livin' Water flower
Seed Sower - Who out shines any nova
You come bold we come bolder
Just when you thought it was over
Here comes the Son of Jehovah
He's #1

Verse II
Christ - is - number one and not Nelli
So talkin' like that will get you spiritually popped in your belly
I see you rockin a pelli - in a drop with a celly
But I serve Elohim - He can turn hard rocks to jelly
God of existence and the crazy mans Prozac
Without Him you can give God a knife and He'll cut you no slack
But do you know that - He doesn't care about your dough stacks
Cause He knows where your souls at - like inside of you was low jack
Yo, Spiritually I blow gats - and lyrically I go at
The enemy who's imperially no match
For the One who hold all planets on its axis
Gigantic and is matchless - and commanded that we practice
To call on the name of the Lord who can stand close
And practice the power of love like Luther Vandross
You can see me and my mans boast
About the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who's number one because He's grand host
Who's greater than everything and declares all power
So going against Him is like blow drying your hair up in the shower
He devours all cowards - and sports glory like Eddie Bauer
So I'ma rep' Him until my tomb stone stick out of the earth like flowers

Verse III
Jesus the Omniscient, Magnificent, Omnipotent, the Everlasting Existent
Spit with persistence about the truth
To whom I solute - praise and respect do to Christ The Ecthus
The One who stepped up and took the role of a sin rejecter
The blue print of the theocratic architecture
The way, the Truth, and the Life the light reflector,
Jehovah elkaborg - who rocks might with an iron septa
The One who swallowed death to be labeled a ressurector
Set the record and ran with a mean sector
The Incorruptible - Inexhaustible yoke destroyer - burden lifter
Sin shifter - Author and Finisher - diminished of the dark and sinister
Whose purpose is to administer - the Alpha - omega - Beginner - plus Ender
The whom if you don't choose - hell is where you end up
The street soldier recruiter the awesome ruler majestic King Yeshua
Hands down - the lion of Judah
The omnipotent, condoner of the almighty atonement
Peace Maker and still broke the cheek of the opponent
The blessed trinity, Father - Holy Spirit and Son
Jesus Christ the street Rabbi aka number One