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Street Sweepers - Infected
(from the album M22)

I.N.F.E.C.T.E.D. infected - infected - we're all sin infected

Verse I
This deadly disease has plagued men for centuries
It's worst than anthrax cancer and Aids - mixed with chronic fatigue
But what's astonishing is that on your own you can't change the seen
Cause it rots your spiritual skin like gangrene
For this reason came the King - Jesus the Christ
Who released us from this plight - to redeem us back to God's sight
Cause sin rules people - man and God's relationship is unequal
Cause God hates sin like second graders hate needles
Or like athiest hate Cathedrals - our sin to God is illegal
We put our souls in the place of judgment - for every act that we do
I'm out to paint a picture while using your mind as the easel
That satan tries to sinfully feed you
Using your cerebral this world is evil - you say you can't wait to get married
But have sex out of marriage cause you couldn't wait to get married
You need to choose God or satan in this time that we be in
And you can't be in the middle like highway medians
We live amongst greedy men who put possessions on pedestals
And avoid Christ like adolescence do vegetables
But Jesus is spectacular plus a legend like the Acura
So you need to pick up your cross like Dracula is comin' after ya
And walk for Christ till the day He raptures ya
The sky splits like busted lips and captures ya
Sin is ugly and so far that's my analysis
So Get with Christ to receive some clean blood like you were on dialysis

Your sin positive and ain't no stoppin' it
But Jesus Christ the operative came to abolish it - and demolish it
His blood is the antibiotic kid
So grab a hold of it before you go to heavens opposite

Verse II
Let's go back in the future without Michael J. Fox
To show how sin came right in the spot and how the cycle would stop - listen yall
First of all - it began in Heavenly regions -
Elohim was diggin' the seen - while Lucifer was thinking of treason
In the beginning he was the perfection of wisdom and beauty
And adorned with every precious stone from jasper to diamond rubies
He stayed around God like a groupie
And because of his pride within he married sin - and made evil one of his duties
God made him leave - like not having your ticket in the movies
And he fell from Heaven like God hit him with a two piece
So then he came to earth as a snake mad at the King
Who created Adam and Eve and contemplated gradually
On how he would emerge and get them to sin splurge
Oh I got it I'll get one of them to doubt God's word
Oh how absurd it is - his lies are murderess
He shook Eve's head up like small planes in turbulence
He came to Eve the weaker vessel - with something pleasing to sight
And talk to her persuasively only to lead her to bite
She showed it to Adam he thought it was right so he took a bite
And at that moment there eyes were open - receiving their sight
Now sin educated because of this evil now separated
Tried to sow fig leaves jackets but that wouldn't make it
God helped them out but from now on thy're sinfully crazy
And curse to live a hard knock life worst than Jay Z

Verse III
As I'm spittin' these lyrics - I hope your grippin' the spirit
To think about your life and those who you be drinking your beer wit'
Every women and guys' infected - but Christ died and resurrected
To bring the cure so we can live and abide in Heaven
Forever cause sin to God smells like septic tanks
But Christ made us fresh cause He stepped with respected rank
It's a tragedy the capacity of this catastrophe
That's why Jesus blood spilled the color of bloody Mary Daiquiris
We're lock in sin but God has the key
It's called Jesus - to release us from mad disease
After you're clean you and God would obviously mix
That's why I advertise Christ beauty like Hollywood pimps
Yo - I'm out to convince even the thugs who be brawlin'
That if your righteousness was legs to stand on you'd be crawlin'
Plus God is call so you need to stop All your stallin'
And get with One who can bring you life after the coffin