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Ill Harmonics - Mr. Chris T Ian
(from the album Take Two)

trying his best to impress with his fly dress
but its a mystery what dwells down deep just like the lochness
chest puffed out filled with pride and he's in danger
familiar with the word but his heart is like a stranger
grew up in the church, yes a specialist at frontin'
face is a facade while the broad road he cruises
bruises on his heart only hurt when he's alone
but on the microphone speaking god sound when everyone's around
he's flawless, got it locked down tight just like a lugnut
a form of godliness without the power for the vital hour
treads on grace like firestone a wreck waitin' to happen
tongue keeps on flappin' in the wind, here we go again
another sermon to the choir
where's the fire of our youth where's the burning desire
he lives to rock the mic instead of christ, a sad song
cause it don't matter what you blabber on stage if your heart's wrong.
mister christian

They got him shook, look at his face as he embrace
Cold glances, looking for answers finding his place
Amongst a congregation of chumps taking his lumps
From the ones with the fish magnets on they trunks
They sunk low, claiming they high, plank in they eye
Chose to walk by, all he wants to hear is a hi
And how ya been, with ink in his skin his pants low
Hang his head to prepare for the blow of no hello
Going back home, dissed in school but it was cool
Cuz he never heed the words of a fool his golden rule
Number one, still some hurt more than the others he discovers
Being ripped apart by his brothers
Only wants to be used but steady getting refused
He choose being himself hearing boos from the pews
Losing patience, the ancient mentality
Gotta have your clothes meet the status quos family say
But they never new what this kid could do and would do
If he's put thru an outlet to
Speak Christ so the rest could no the True Way
And yo he's rocking on this mic today, but you can call him....

the goodness of god has drawn you back and now you're movin'
to a higher plateau you've found the place of your calling
now instead of falling down and staying down your feet are sound
firm on the foundation like some cement shoes
your heart no longer bruised because of manifested healing
now the ceiling starts to lift every time you spit the gift.
and your zeal has started growing
like the cup its overflowing
the time is now for you to emcee and set the people free.
Fulfilling destiny the rest of me could die
Forget the loot I'm bearing fruit for Most High
Why bother living for me I breathe breath
There's a way that seems right to man but leads to death
But It's all the same, Christ came you complained and you missed Him
You Pharisees carelessly bound tradition
You called yourself mister Christian but wouldn't listen
And crucifixed Him........