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Ill Harmonics - Take Two
(from the album Take Two)

take two, and manana give a call,
the question's asked and answered yes ya'll.
a double dose, pill from the ill prescribed,
your pharmacist to assist in catching the vibe.
so take two and manana give a call,
the question's asked and answered yes ya'll.
a double dose, came to liven up the scene,
and keep the whole crowd moving to the ill routine.

roll on out your bed and take two
for your head that be throbbing from all the neck bobbing
it's the ill hangover, side effects very common
but it's an illness that you won't regret and don't forget
when we come strolling thru your habitat
get out your welcome mat kids
cause we're bringing cuts to the heads like the horseman did
coming bold, feverish, both hot and cold
now i know that you're sick all up in your head
but we're making house calls with beats and yes ya'lls
and you know it's the ill, not a dose of nyquil
gonna burn going down but you'll love that sound
now this ain't your regular emcee office visit
no waiting thirty minutes before we get you up
plus the cure we guarantee before you pay your fee
and yes, it's a steep price, so heed the doc's advice

i took two pills of skills and on the reals
from my pocket, spent sixteen bills
followed the warning in the morning
i woke up all choked up and broke up
kissed my wackness gone, practiced on top of tables
the label said something about some side effects
with catching wreck, plus some gaining respect
from all my peers (cheers) coming from stands
hands from the rap fans couldn't possibly clap to make noise
boys with the prefix "b" will strictly
windmill and uprock with flairs and whatnot
plus beats hitting replay, loved by the dj
you may catch referrals from murals of a writer
warning: will not create a rap superstar
may cause depression cause your sales ain't up to par
it's far fetched so i sketch my words to represent
i'm not just a client, i'm the president.

there's too many emcees, not enough mics
to talk to be or not to be
it's three minus one for the definition
it's also, also, and after mic check one.
too many emcees rocking the same flow
the number to tango, it's knight and it's playdough
we're terrible two's from tuesday til today
we're scratching off our to-do list so touchee.
et tu brute?