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Ill Harmonics - The crowd is standing
(from the album Take Two)

ill harmonics will rip that on top of the slip mat
ease your mind, just recline your seat,
sit back, wave your hands,
bump that, we ain't leaving til the whole crowd stands.

I see a beat, push defeat and keep moving
Brainstorm watching it form showing and proving
Nothing less, coming to bless the 1,2's
Blowing my hair back nothing to lose but your crews
And they was lost back bars ago cuz the flow
Is so fluidic when I spit it that it started to show
I'm just one, came to preserve and to serve
The same One that wrote every quote in proverbs
So now I sit back, I bring skills to the floor
And ride waves, breaching the maze of brain's shore
Star fish, saw that you was wishing apon
So you'd be already on you took the wand and the rabbit
But the magic is gone, it takes dues to pay
Plus a couple sucker emcee crews to slay
Then you can put another notch on your belt and felt hat
With satisfaction that the crowd felt that

now ill harmonics, ain't it so ironic
how we got you here in this atmosphere
acting crazed like a beast with your hands all flying around to a sound you
ain't heard before
so just close the door, turn it up another decibal level
so you can taste how we're serving it up
get your big ole cup cause this crew that you ordered be
larger than life, so get your fill of the ill
as we take this around the globe
in the pocket of my worldwide pants with no lint or cent
just the pride of emcees out on the pavement
that we slay every day as a job requirement
just me and he, play dough and i
dj maj, gotee, and uprok on the rise
so if the critics keep waiting for a sophomore jinx
they gonna get passed by just like the pharcyde.

man, i paid enough dues for the whole moose lodge
while you dodge my right, just to save face
lost a handle on your business like a bad briefcase
but i'll keep you privy to royalties that i divy.

The crowd stands so the plans fulfilled they got ill
From the seed we spit, we never let one sit
We came to move the place with the bass that stays rolling
Right back to the essence of mic-phone controlling
Man I payed enuff dues for the whole moose lodge
While you dodge my right, just to save face
Lost a handle on your business like a bad briecase
But I keep your privy to royalties that I divvy
And yo I ain't got none I'm still rocking for fun
With mic checks returned from insufficient-al funds
They all bounce like the crowd when the ill is allowed
To come prove how the excellent move the house loud
So stand up on your feet you can meet
Vibrant living triumphant on a beat
We wanna rock your hands but even more the plans
To get you up on top of your feet