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Ill Harmonics - Bowtie Jerks
(from the album Take Two)

She's just passin' me by
i'm askin' Jesus, please just answer me why
follow the most high, straighten up my bow tie
now i'm lookin' so fly so i'm catchin' her eye

scanning the room trying not to look gloom smelled her perfume
she's the illest daffodil in full bloom had to assume
she was taken from shake of her hips shape of her lips
maybe this was maybelline labeling
but regardless of my knees with they shake I know with ease I could break
the patch of ice so I nicely skate the figure 8
up to her group of friends spending they ends so I lends a quick hand
cuz the plan's now in order
I bought her a water because I caught her looking this way
Wondering is this playdough about to display flow
But no, she didn't care ain't aware about the stare we shared
But still I always come prepared with a pen for occasions
Just like this and so I list down my number on a sheet with a kiss
Knew I was dissed so I split
Hit the 91 escort and popped in a freestyle tape
Just to escape the fact that......

we were some bowtie jerks while growing up in the church
used to perch upon the pew checkin' ladies at the door
to explore my options thru my concoctions of wit
i never spit, drink, or swear around the ones with nice hair
so i would just stare and try some subtle hypnosis
as in osmosis land, i was beholding it all
now pride comes before a fall, and surely it did
by a squid i was entangled, man these broads were eight deep
so i decided to keep my gazes set upon one
dressed in orange and gold, just like the rays of the sun
beamin' on me like a cactus, in the midst of choir practice
while i'm singing like a lark, cause i've always loved the art
we met and were friends, thru the thick and the thin
til one day BK chose to move right on in
now the rest is history and so was i, i should say
she kept passin' me by, just like that crowded subway

Next week the same spot girl rocked a tank top
Still she ranked top notch while I'm looking sasquatch
And awkward and obsurd still I got word to speak
But now she's coming to seek my conversation
And she was like, "oh, play-doug-h I'm so sorry
I been huntin for your number like an African safari
Must have tossed it I mean lossed it so please forgive me
And give me another chance let's dance."

she saved the last dance for me,
waltzin' one side to the next
so perplexed cause she was rockin' stilletos
me and my shell toes still trying to keep up with the beat
because i'm white with two left feet
to save face, i got a hunch to get some punch
not a minute passed til i was out the loop like tito
she was dancin' with the dj in a double knit tuxedo
this ain't risk or stratego, to me its not a game
she keeps passin' me by like 15 minutes of fame