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Ill Harmonics - Backside of the sun
(from the album Take Two)

i keep pushin' runnin' the race to sun chase
never chill in a space of one place
i gotta lot to plot that's not owned
rock poems thru destinations unknown
on the back side of the sun there are new horizons
my passion leads me on, the passion leads me on

beam me up from the background for maximum sound
here to bless while emcees second guess the process
both strength and finesse, yes the fusion reknowned
like a sub in a club that's makin' cabinets pound
light years beyond toward the sun i race
thru space and matter ready to shatter the mediocre
a beat broker settin' up shop in 8 measures
findin' treasures in life without the pain and the strife
swervin' around sunspots and tropical storms
while typical discussions of the topical form
are continuing on earth where i used to abide
now i glide around meteors while play-dough explores
on the microphone so let it be known
that we launched into orbit and we ain't comin' home
just blazin' the way while dodgin' comets and hail
check the mail cause we sent some souveneirs for your ears

I rock quick just to watch my pen freak and wreck beats
Judah fist we listin as the technique
So let's speak we reak of innovation
Rock the heartbeat tempo synchronization
While I'm racing thru your city with the text
To vex the complex your thru so who's next
Moving on your song was old news
So I shine intense like wu the gold shoes
And roll fools to blow crews out of the game with one frame
I know what it takes to gain fame
It's a formula most quick to follow but content was hollow
And still the public likes to swallow
The very same thing they sing enicing
With their icing while I rock on for Christ king
Coming to bust a rhyme for mankind
Following sun and run one day to find