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Ill Harmonics - High Fidelity (Rock On)
(from the album Take Two)

i rock on, to the break of the day
on the holiest, ill harmonius pathway
just talking to beats in high fidelity
that be tellin' me to rock on

I've got to pick up the piece they broke the rhyme's soaked
In the track where the sounds provoke to take a yoke
That was easy, the burden is light and so we write
Pressing on thru colors of night to keep it tight
Like a white wife beater 2 sizes small that's all wet
Plus sold in a set or better yet
Pre-shrunk while the p-funk sounds that we sunk
Are making the tree trunk praise
Then rais a holy offering cuz I'm offering a great feat
The sacrificial slaughter of my very best break beat
And take heat from other emcees paying me fees
Just to buy the very track I sacrificed with ease
They're begging please, but I'm steady banging on the drum track
Sharp like a thumbtack sound I'm rewound
In the ride that you hopped on cuz you stopped on
Every track that I rocked on cuz I rocked on

i'm a heat seekin' beat freakin' mic deacon
unique when tweakin' the console with blanco
and blake knight
stay tight, bringing my opinion thru my insight
deep like barry white, singing thru a stove pipe
marvelous rebuttal that causes trouble in the ranks
when my voice is added to data banks
the crowd watches my movement like a pendulum
swingin' back and forth with the rhythm in the interim
they can't hold back, they react with raised hands

man i was floatin' along like some high plains drifter
swifter than most but not the best in the west
second guessed and messed with ranked 125th out of all emcees and some dove
respected as a beat maker and better yet a caretaker
of those who are greater but still considered a spectator
so i pondered and wondered while i practiced and blundered my minimal rap
skill in hopes of furthering the ill
greater heights and deeper depths was my motto and like otto i tuned in to
low end but on the mic was like a lotto
hit or miss at least in the eyes of those who think themselves more highly
than they ought, as it should, thickening the plot
then my fortune and demeanor turned and changed just like the seasons, for
no reason i was blinded just like paul and thru it all heard the audible,
applaudable, and unignorable one who stated let the critics speak just rock on.