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Ill Harmonics - Profound Sound
(from the album Take Two)

get the crowd loud, pound all that profound sound
from the stage to the wall hear the volume call
let the decibals race just push it up in your face
and pound the sound profound
it's complex but its so easy and simple
keep movin' to the rhythmic instrumental
stand up, never let your heart slow down
let it pump profound

i program the tempo, bpm so amazin'
and keep tracks blazin' hot like some vittles
thru riddles and rhymes, in my mouth the enzymes
salivate then captivate every word that i write
til delivery like airborne express or ups
a caravan, sometimes by land, sometimes by sea
an emcee must be ready in season and out of it
opposed to the serpent so non-venomous i spit
never quit when the critics speak on modems and telephones
cause most have never touched a microphone that got the crowd loud
proud to be known as a disciple of the rose of sharon
so apply these words like avon on a dumb blonde
and you might get some spiritual meat
so if you already got beef turn over a new leaf
lay it all on the table
the fable is that real emcees are hardcore, but still, the fact is
you pump the volume to supplement the lack of skill

Feeling the rush, silence a hush on mediocre
A joker, rocking some gold that's all old and done
Under the sun there ain't nothing that's new
I see thru styles so green they're yellow and blue
I took 2, like I was noah hitting the flood
But the scuds off point left me to wallow in mud
I heard a thud, rounded it off so low end could open
Allowing eq's to scope in
thru thirty feet of wires and cables
from the mic to the jack
the cord's like a snake that just ate a rat
the ill sound moves underground
thru carpet and cement and maybe thru an air conditioning vent
that's the route to your ear whether disorted or clear
so just cheer, pump your fist to show you're feelin' this
bobbin' your head, whippin' it like an electric egg beater
feel the profound sound out of the subs and the tweeters.

Oh, nice break I might take a type fake
Sucker rapper less flavored than a rice cake
My mic shake with some thunderous maneuvers
Starting rumours that I emcee with epilepsy
But It's fresher than some mentos breath we deaf, blind
And trying to find the same route just to finally hang out
With this earth's creator, the data that we slam
Gets jammed in the fader
I made a ill verse so the last to first could feel the burst
Of a star that's from deepspace 5 so I thrive innovation
And even if not give all I got to a page dropping coins in a slot
Into the lots parking meter, so I could seat a refined one of a kind
Versed needed for your mind while I'm stumbling blind
Thru your spirit till we find all promised kept to uplift
While I'm shooting the gift