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Ill Harmonics - Cats like these
(from the album Take Two)

cats like these can get you out your seat
so move your body to the hiphop beat
we travel 'round the globe showin' how to get down
we got the ill flavor, we got the brand new sound

indelible be the groovy cats
they be we who made it fat like that
hip like a sip of the soda jones
vanilla flave like the duo you crave
under the belt lies the octave LP
able to rock thru the next century
no need to diss every emcee abroad
matured to the point self-secured by god
who laid down these cats, yes litter on the streets
two have arose for these ill type beats
one from the handle, one from big D
joined at the hip so the hop could be
those of a vintage, ill-rhyme repute
known to make even two left feet salute
so until the day rigormortis sets in
he be with me, and i be with him

Harmonicat with a rap plus mic control
Exterior fresh fallen like snow so I
Patrol a fleat and control a beat
And rhythm's always welcome so I save her a seat
To sit down, while we get down and let down
Hip-hop real easy cuz we gotta go dutch
There's just much too many things wrong
So I'm moving along and still proving them wrong
This song is for my 4th grade teacher who said I'd never amount
And yet I can't count all the ill shows where flows have been spoken
Mended hearts, broken and soaked in blood she gets the gas face
The rat race still tasting a breeze while most following cheese to find cheddar
I sculpt letter, high as the catskill my rap will
Cause defeat making empty seats so sing along now