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Ill Harmonics - Gypsy Kind
(from the album Take Two)

never ever ever find a love like mine
travel round the world like the gypsy kind
never ever ever find someone like me
so sail across the sky and the seven seas

Waiting for the day that I get it right peeping on this out of sight
Girl with the curl plus she's all natural
I squirm and figit cuz getting her digit's the first goal
Call her up just to see what's in her soul
Taking the chance to romance and go dance
A couple rounds on the floor than she's mine for sure
While I score cool points and catch her on the flip-flop
Digging on some hip-hop plus hit the thrift shop
For some gear that I'm dipped in equipped in
Rhythmical walk then impress her with my ill rap talk
I got jargain and slang, but pardon your name wouldn't happen to be destiny
Cuz it seems you got the recipe to get the best of me
Bring out the rest and see my God's plan
Completing a man to one fles, somehow we're one now
So spirit's will mesh it's so fresh

it was a blast from the past she held a social degree
ran in to her at the coffee house readin' poetry
my mental couldn't process the vibe she was portrayin'
protege of the game man, my heart it wasn't playin'
spoke of eros and zeus like some deep mythology
no response to her wisdom cause it all was greek to me
a freak to me, never knew another like her from the south
fascinated by the puzzle so i had to check it out
we went out once or twice never askin' for committment
no resentment there at all, wasn't in it for the long-haul
still i became mesmerized by her eyes
like a clock swings back and forth to hypnotize
i realize theres probably three just like me
a match made in heaven but without the chemistry
but it was she, not me, who was actin' like a pro
still, the simple truth is i just can't let her go.

Man I ain't no beginner im'ma sit her to a candle light dinner
Win her heart never to start parting pathways
While I plays al green to vaccine the unrelaxing atmosphere
I fear I love her but she ain't that far yet her car jet
Black my feelings have set back this relationship now
She's jumping ship, my loose lips leaked the words
I never heard returned I've been burned my love once again
A dunce again, I should've known that I could've blown
This whole thing, the first thing smoking she's on
Left me behind
While I'm yelling you can never find a love like mine
then i saw her again with a friend i used to hang with
at this carnival where i was ridin' decibals
on point like a decimal, addicted to the mic
gave up my flow like a ghost when i saw her on my right
movin' thru the middle to the left lookin' so def
fingers interlocked tight like a vice grip that might rip
my heart out so start out slow when she's walkin' down your block
cause like a gypsy movin' on she'll be gone.