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Ill Harmonics - What we do
(from the album Take Two)

we rock up, we get down, we move left, we so right
we nod heads, we shake hips, we take hiphop music to the height of the night
we rock up, we get down, we move left, we so right
we nod heads, we shake hips, cause that's what we do, that's what we do.

It's the one and only lonely superstar filling up my stupid car
With some petro looking retro
While I check a burner on the metro, tighten up the Velcro
On my waisteband cuz the man likes them up
And tighty fitted with stripes knitted on the arguile socks
That I rocks to fit in
To the corporate life cuz it's important wifey must eat
And she ain't getting fed off of beats or ill rhymes
I climbs the ladder never been sadder man this ain't my occupation
So frustration sets in
I'm holding my grin just defending hip-hop
Whether it's clipped on or slip knot in my tie
Wondering why at work playing a jerk
My network got me going berserk
With shirt tails tucked in I've been sucked in
Where every emcee goes thru cuz that's what we do

That's what we do you ask who are you?
well i be blake knight and i practice hip-hop
i arrive non-stop wearin' shorts and flip-flops
while emcees put thongs in theirs songs and get the gong
i speak life on the mic til your bones be uprockin'
i got flocks of cool cats that's knockin' on my door
wantin' more beats than i can make assembly line style
takin' awhile but each with distinctive personality
for every emcee who's hirin' me to make hits
or farewell songs for callin' it quits
its the pits, but i figure if god is usin' me
why should i run from the call of the yes, yes, ya'll
so as we breakdown the uprok sound and get down
billy blanco and me commence to emcee
i'd decide to go platinum but that'd be too drastic
so at the present time i'll be content with plastic