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LPG - Record Keeps Spinning
(from the album Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Dax
In the same vein as a broken record I skip along
trying to get over just to complete the song
such is life broken needle and broken dreams
break down breaking up the monotony of life things
and it seems like im spinning out of control spinning
nowhere to go spinning trying to get it straight
skip back to where I started that's what I hate
just trying to rock a crowd before im six feet deep in a crate
and at the same time stay out the spotlight cuz in this war
I ve seen it get so hot it warped even the hardcore
The pressure from the platinum distorts there hole appearance
And hole approach to the game so I stick to the simple thangs
Like pens, pads, heart ,mics, words, family ,rhyme fights
And with those I rock the party me and the crowd a perfect match
I got an itch that only Christ the DJ can scratch
But the needle dig deep got scars to prove it
Battle scars just look at me you can see I v e been through it
And it don't stop I live for it I will go on
And wont quick until the police break it up or the break of dawn

As the record keeps spinning the world keeps spinning
If hip hops a culture then hip hop is living
That should be a give in now a days it isn't
If hip hops a culture then hip hop is livivg
As the record keeps spinning the world keeps
You can be down with the culture and still be a Christian
That's should be a give in now a days it isn't
Hip hops just a culture Christian is living

Verse 2: Jurny
33 and a third revolutions per minute infinite words
when spinnin I'm heard crackling
in my old age grappling
with bein replaced by a new wave a new rave a new stage show
but artist don't know this
in a live performance I'll wax a show disk and dat
machines I shape shift to guillotine to stay ahead the pace
while you try locate your place in this business
I was here when it began
I was here before your pens could only speak about your benz
Before your friends was only down cuz you had ends
Before the content of your cuts sent politicians in a frenzy
I came in sleeves so tricks was bound to follow
I left in crates for the ride along side breaks
When I'm pulled out from the rest and placed atop
I'm itchin for the yes yall and pressin the start stop button
And when I turn I yearn for blarin out the classics
Cd's can't see these and tapes can never catch it
I'm magic man the earth is spinnin on my axis
I run circles round these plastics till I stutter for the scratches


Verse 3a: Dax
I guess its time I can see it on his face
He turns around quick and he heads for his crates
Its about to be on now sorry its too late
I guess he wants to take this party to another place
I got the left on lock and jurny on the right
1200s spinning at maximum velocity the maximum capacity
maxed out for the night dax and jurny big living the life

Verse 3b: Jurny
I'm on the right got the light shinin bright
He's lookin for the mark to mix in the kicks in
Cuz when it's in this place bound to get they hands up
When he throw me on we in sync and we on time
And it mind boggles how he juggle Xax and mine and don't skip
And don't trip cuz it eclipse your pause mix
And it been the same since this game started been winnin
And though LPG the hands of God keep me spinnin