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Avalanche - Demon Huntaz
© copyright Lucas O'Neil

The Lord won the war but the battle ain't finished
So the Huntaz hold it down 'til the demons diminish
Down for the skrimmage like a faithful fully armed disciple
End signs are vital for the rival, but I hold my Bible rifle
Satan and his host creep and try to get close
But cower when the Holy Ghost will put my eyes in the scope
Change the range of our Heaters from 30 meters to point blank
Their games and pranks have us walking narrow planks
We roll out in tanks, full speed ahead the Huntaz spread
We do how we're lead, and put the helmets on many heads
Habits get thrown, and it's shown we're microphone prone
Scriptural tones invade your dome like a syndrome
The sermon hits, as our rhymes make a dent
We keep our walk straight, never bent and we're always
Content, in whatever state, demons try to infiltrate
Wrap our KJV's in black tape to get our aim straight
Pressin' towards the mark in a war zone
Demons get their domes blown, this is where my faith is shown
So I rock lead, Jesus Christ bled, so now I'm takin' heads
Joined with another Hunta in prayer so Satan fled
Yo, the Demon Huntaz are striving for one mind
You'll find, once you take your time, you'll be left behind
The Divine Spirit inspiring firing lyrics through the domes of
Demons tryin' to touch my heart, the couldn't wear it
Yo, we touch a life that's sparkless
Hit ya with scripture as we rock this
KJV, mic, stage, and soul reaching
Pull out your swords and hunt cause there's demon heads for seeking
We're bringin' you the Gospel, test it, blessed lyrics
That penetrate pull out my heat never hesitate
Read the scriptures and levitate to another level
I'm taking the devil but it's never settled
You I'm wearin' my metal
As demon heads rattle, it's the Lord's battle but my win
Fiery darts I'm deflecting as sections fly in
To see my altar callin'
They fallin' as I exalt the Almighty One,
Deuce-One is representin'
Once dessentin', yo man I got you repentin'
Hell be settin' out crews comin' in twos
For me their few rebuked in the name of Jesus
They're blown like a fuse
Yo stop the stalling just choose life or death!
As for me and my house flamy arrows are gettin' doused
I call up my crew, get geared up and then go out
To reach the earth, every corner, while demons meet their slaughter
And in the physical if God doesn't save me
I'll be a martyr!