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LPG - Read Me and Learn
(from the album Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

I wrote the book on rage its an autobiography
Its hypocrisy a hybrid of theology
Hip-hop terminology the unveiled secret characteristic of a legalistic dealt with in the psychological then in the spirit
You could tell a man his weakness ask him and he won't hear it
But show a man his weakness then he'll fear it and be forced to
Recognize the lies the he's been force fed and acquired a taste for
Then left for dead and whether it's off the head or a pre conceived corruption
The outcome remains the same some do at the end of the game
For every lesson there is a chapter for every chapter there's tears and laughter
I stand amazed at how a page can capture my thoughts of the hear and after
Pre and post rapture
You can have in minutes what it took me a lifetime to gather
The information many died for to prove true is at the heart of my hard shell
Read it and learn
My story is written in the teardrops in a near lost generation
Outlined in the bloodshed of tunnel rats who tried to save them
Illustrated by frustrate in the form of graffiti so there's picture to flip through for all who cant read me
All who can't see me its written in Braille
All of the bumps in the road tell the tale
I put all of the contents on the table
God is the author Tunnel Rat is the label