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LPG - Respect Due
(from the album Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Dax
You ain't the homie I know you phony
Stop acting like you know and pay me what you owe me
But keep your respect your respect is like a bad check
More bounce than balls and you already in debt
You want a rep sweetie better pick another opponent
You should have ran little man now its too late cuz you've blown it
And we can microphone it or get street on it
I know you burning up well its dax who put the heat on it
Naw Christian like would be back bite back stab backslide all week
And on Sunday make sure you back right
I'm at the height of my anger and I'm praying for peace
Tell me did God call you to be the computer police
Or is it our total lack of a life that keeps you online
Or is it your misunderstanding of Christ that keeps you on mine
It's about time someone said it and I'm that out spoken outcast
That will outlast your rhetoric
And what about you friend when you asked us we were there for you
But when we needed help there wasn't nothing you could do
You big timed us I guess you big rhymers you tight
You can forget that we exist and God bless you alright
I anit just talking about one man or one gospel rap star
I'm talking to all of you and you know who you are
Hate it if you want if your hurt you'll heal
And maybe if you're lucky you'll get a gospel record deal

You ain't gotta like me
I don't like you
But one thing's for sure and that's respect due

Verse 2: Jurny
Dax been gone for like a year now so
I figure I'm old enough now I should probably have a go at it
Since Vince been left its only me and him now
And how I look sittin at home while he's on the road now
He called to say he's back in town in about a couple
Days and in no subtle ways he askin if I could raise up
I'm like yup he comin home to pick up clothes
And then back on the road off to Baltimore they goin
Its gonna be my first trip so my mom help with packin
Got me ackin all nervous like somethings about to happen
But rappin my thang jack I can do this here
Besides I gots every nikes that's new this year
So confidence since I started never been at a loss
I know it cost my life and I'm down for savin lost souls
I'm rady now so I strolls down driveway on Greenleaf st.
With my clean loose leaf
Moms behind me Dax rolls up like dog you set?
I'm like you bet let's jet I'm ret to travel fast
Ask Dax we meetin Fairest at the gate
He like yeah we can't be late and I can't wait
My first tour we opening for the dude Dax been rollin with
He say he need hip hop man and we holdin it down
Sounds cool I'm expectin a new mentor and guru
But who knew it would be you
The Fairest of them all it was all good at first meeting
On plane ride don't sit by him cuz he pretendin like he reading
Word word I'm outta state so I care less about that
Lets get to Baltimore and give the crowd something to shout at
How that sound he sayin it's gonna always be jam pack
Till we do our first show at hole in the wall with 10 cats
And kids and that's cuz his promoting's not for gloating
This was cool with us cuz we used to small shows
Where it's all about flows and not how many goes
But when tours over and we came home broke
So don't ask us why we spoke so lowly of you
We love you but the lack of money wasn't it it's just how you was ackin
Don't wonder why we kept askin for our own room so soon
You was big timing us knowin that we would bust for pennies
Left us at the hotel while you was out with Joseph Jennings
Meetin pastors when all the while the folks was there to see us
What a shame half the time you didn't even remember ou name
But I guess my game grew larger cuz of these things
And I made an oath not to do that to someone under me
It brings out disrespect and I can't live with that
So I share it with my listeners that's how I pay him back


Verse 3: Dax
You'll never understand what you do to a Christian man
You make a brother want to quit and never do gospel rap again
For a second we was gone but didn't let us go
I have to tell you this way cuz someone has got to know
That you murdering in the name of a God and if you want to be legit
Lets shake hands hug battle and get over it
Ill love you when you lose but will you love me
We battling not warring there's a difference homie