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KJ-52 - Nursery Rhymes
(from the album Collaborations)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: KJ52
there was an old lady she lived in a shoe
she got a whole lot of kids you canít miss em when youís coming through
cause she be shacked up with little boy blue
but half them kidís aint seen their pops since like 1982
but down the street next to the swap meet
thatís the spot where the 3 little pigs yo they be catching beef
they took tweedledee and knocked out his front teeth
and left tweedledum just straight bleeding on the back seat
I live on the corner man next to Jack and Jill
you know them two brother and sisters who be acting ill
I tell em to step back and chill but theyíll smack ya grill
now let me tell you straight up now you can catch the deal
you know Humpty dumpty man they straight played him
knocked him off the wall scrambled him up now and ate him
see I aint playing where I live I got to stay praying
and every time I come around yall can hear me saying

Mary had a little lamb case you didnít know
that little lamb took my sin made it white as snow
and every where that the lamb will go
thatís the place I got to go man I got to see the streets of gold

Verse 2 (Playdough):
Sitting on the corner with my tape recorder and Jack Horner
kicking freestyle raps for scraps of spare change
to change my money range and cry like Danny Ainge
till I make enough checks to win back my ex girl friend
I canít pretend I didnít wish that Iíd never seen her ill demeanor
and this fly dish and the spoon ran away broke out to Santa Fe
left me cold aint seen her since Saturday
but hey I got to say I been dissed since way back
bought a girl a knick knack but patty was wack
in fact Iíll get em all back using my rap sheet
and make em outcast singing bah with the black sheep
and take them to phat beats and show them my work
and have them say Iím the man and play them out like a jerk
and flirt with a wink and eyebrow on tilt
and leave them there while I go to the house that Jack built singing..


Verse 3: KJ52
donít get me started on Jack be Nimble
I mean that catís the kind of dude who just always seems to stay in trouble
he always got to hustle kicking it with the 3 blind mice
on the corner selling magic beans rolling dice
now I be giving him advice but he canít understand
Patty Cake? she used to chill w/ the bakers man
she got God in her life now and if you see her right now
itís a whole another sight now
see I be quite proud just to see how Christ showed and blowed up
and just turned her whole life around
sometime Iím wishing I was living in a nicer town
you know a place where London bridge aint always falling down
ya boy Old McDonald heís a little older now
he had a farm but well itís kind of gone for now
but see Iím a hold it down cause I got to stay praying
and every time I come around yall can hear me saying